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Sep 18, 2008 05:50 PM

Scrambled Eggs goes to Fog-Bot (Foggy Bottom/GW Area)

"House of Kabob" for buffet: Good taste, actually indian and not near-eastern, but anyway sloppy styrophome plates that mixed up the various items -- cramped quarters, but overall cheap. Nan was burnt; they were almost out of the lamb kabob and we had to get the (much cheaper to purchase for the restaurant) chicken. Still good.

"Sangam" at Geo.Wash. University J-Street Cafeteria: Very good for the price, and no sloppy factor like the house of Kabob. Nan was a bit soggy due to being placed in closed box when ordered (?).

TGI Fridays: Normally I never go to chains, but what the hell, it was good mediocrity, and cheaper than I expected, since Friday's usually jacks up the price for their big city restaurants even more. Tried the 'sliders' (small sandwiches).

OK boys gimme some lunch recs for the area, especially near the GW campus.

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  1. You're in luck, tomorrow you can experience a phenomenal bbq sandwich. Go to Breadline near the intersection at 18th and Pennsylvania. On Friday lunch only, they serve a bbq pork sandwich. Order it on a ciabatta. Make sure to get there early, because they will run out.

    1. Kosta's Greek Deli 19 near M.

      gruff. takeout only. expect a line during prime time (it moves fast if everyone plays right). know how to prononce Gyro or be chastised. less than $10 and enough for almost 2 meals. anything there is good.

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      1. re: hill food

        Second Greek Deli. Get there early. I'd rather stand and eat takeout from Greek Deli than sit down in most places in Foggy Bottom. Just order whatever the guy's been roasting all day--chicken, lamb, etc--it doesn't matter. It's all good.

        If you want more upscale, the raw bar at Kinkead's is consistently good.

        1. re: monkeyrotica

          Lindy's Bon Appetit has a very good hamburger (not high brow stuff, but good nonethless). French fries are decent as well. Caddy-corner to TFI Friday's.

          1. re: SheriS

            I 2nd Lindy's...a great dive.

            Tonic is also near by--I love their mac and cheese, salads, and tater tots (but then again, who doesn't love a tater tot?)

            If you are aiming for a late lunch or want an after work happy hour place, you should check out Taberna del Alberdero. The best Spanish food in town and starting at 3pm Monday-Friday, they have 1/2 off tapas and sangria. Awesome deal!! Do yourself a favor and get the croquettes. I dream about them, they are so good!

            1. re: Elyssa

              Panda Cafe: It looks from a distance to be the usual Americanized fake-Chinese. It is relatively authentic compared to that though--everyone in there was actually chinese except for me. Good considering the price ($5.50-$6.50) for lunch specials. Also saw peking duck for $12.95. Fried rice served was littered with the bought-frozen tiny cubed carrots and peas. Tasted like a good chinese Deli -- not freshly made (obviously) but good for what it is. For the price and location, I declare it excellent. Not gourmet of course, but it seems the cheaper places are better in the DC & beltway area.

              1. re: sweth

                Here here. I also didn't appreciate the poster's slurring the cuisine of the entire Southern US, just because (s)he was a mile over the Potomac in NoVa. I could cite a number of restaurants in Virginia, SC, and Georgia that would knock his or her socks off!

                Finally -- I've lived in this area for over 20 years and have never heard the nickname "Fog-Bot"!