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Sep 18, 2008 05:47 PM

Albq hot air balloon festival

just wondering how the food is on the show grounds or anything that stands out I should search out? thanks

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  1. The to do list includes: breakfast burritos, cinnamon buns, coffee or hot cocoa in the early morning while waiting for the sun to come up and the balloons to launch.

    Dress in layers, it will be cold for the morning ascensions. Hats, gloves, winter jackets are a must. It also will get cool once the sun goes down for glows etc.


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    1. re: DebitNM

      How 'bout for dinner? We'll be there on the last Saturday night with 3 children, ages 6 (twins) and 3 for the glow and then plan to go back in the AM for the farewell ascension.

      1. re: roxhills

        Dinner - I would eat somewhere else before you go, honestly. For dinner, it is nothing more than carnival like food and expensive at that! Hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage etc.

        The glow doesn't start till it gets dark and your little ones will be hungry before then. Perhaps getting them a snack while there at glow time will be better.
        Also, it gets pretty dark and there are lots of people there. Make sure you keep a CLOSE watch on the kids, don't let them wonder. There are lots of people and it is crowded around the balloons. They could get out of sight in a blink; I would carry flashlights for sure.