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Sep 18, 2008 05:38 PM

Is canned salmon safe....

Is it safe to leave canned salmon in a backpack for a few hours (out of the can, maybe 3 ozs)?

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  1. I'd think so, but next time put a little lemon juice or even mayo (believe it or not...) and it will keep for several hours un-refrigerated.

    1. As long as you haven't exposed it to some fast-growing bacteria, a few hours should be OK. Keep it covered and clean, in as cool a place as you can find...and if you can't do ANY of these things it'll probably still be fine. The canning process sterilizes the contents, assuming it was done properly.

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        1. I have a can of salmon I need to eat from Seattle's Pike Place market. How long do you think it will last?

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            If it hasn't been opened, should be OK until it rusts through, otherwise springs a leak, or gets bulgy. When I was in the Air Force up in Alaska in the early '60s, we were all issued C-rations to keep in our lockers in case of emergencies. Of course we all got into them and stripped them of anything we wanted to consume, including the canned goods. How old were they? Well, the cigarettes in mine were Phillip Morris in the brown pack, which had been revised in the early '50s, and another guy had a GREEN pack of Lucky Strikes, from the WW2 years! We ate the Spam and the C&B plum pudding anyway...

          2. off topic, but one of my favorite things about canned salmon is that they leave some of the spine in it. they are soft and delightfully BONEY. and they kinda have a water chestnut mouthfeel to them.