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Sep 18, 2008 05:05 PM

Cape May help!

I grew up in NJ and vacationed frequently in Cape May as a child. I now live in NH and am returning for the first time in quite a few years with my husband for our first anniversary! I need some help with where to eat, as my dining tastes have changed since I was 8 :) I will definitely go back to Uncle Bills for some pancakes. I need help with lunch and dinner choices. Fine dining, casual, whatever. All suggestions will be appreciated!

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  1. Sharky's Feeding Frenzy on the Ocean Drive between Cape May and Wildwood is a good casual place. Good food, big portions, nice prices.
    Also take out at the Lobster House to eat on the dock. I would avoid their main dinning room though

    1. Check out this past thread:

      I would absolutly reccomend Louisa's it's a small BYO place that is delightful. The food was amazing always fresh and in season. We were lucky enough to be there during Shad season.

      We also had a great experince at Moonfish- the jazz dinner was great.
      Also selections from the Cheese shop in south? Cape May made for a great beach lunch.

      Blue Pig is attractive and low key but the food is not as good as it should be.

      And I can't remember the name but we had a wonderful time at the Bar (it's was beautful) at this older dark wood restaurant behind the Queen Victoria B&B. The Bartender was great and they had a piano man. The food I have no clue about- but drinks were top shelf.

      1. My hubby and I had a great meal at the Ebbitt Room just recently, I don't know the name of the street it was on, but I am sure you could google it to get the address. Nice room, attentive service, yummy food!

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          The Ebbitt Room is in the Virginia Hotel on Jackson St.

          DH and I just returned from a week in Cape May. Had some good meals and some not so good.
          Good- George's Place. Great breakfast and Greek food. The lamb chops were delicious and generous. The breakfast quesadilla was so delicious, as was their cream chipped beef. Highly recommend George's for the food, the value and the friendly service.
          The Raw Bar at the Lobster House-really enjoyed clams casino, a 2 lb. lobster and the cream of shrimp soup.
          Gecko's-Excellent Santa Fe and Mexican cuisine. The chef really knows his sauces. Chili rubbed ribeye, Manchamantales (chicken mole) and the quesadilla with homemade chorizo were fantastic. I always look forward to the salad with onion dressing.
          Cape May Bakers-great cannoli!!
          Not Good-The Cove's breakfast was mediocre pancakes and french toast. The view is great though.
          The Mad Batter-Lump crab cakes were NOT lump, burger way overcooked and the mussel portion was stingy and did not come with bread.
          Cape May Fish Market-new on the Mall, this was the worst turkey club that one could deign to serve. Usually, I can barely finish one of these sandwiches, but there was barely any turkey and bacon between the bread and it was terribly dry from a paucity of mayo.
          Full report:

        2. Congrats on the anniversary! We go down there every year for ours as well in September. As per the suggestions of this board we tried out Moonfish this year and it was fantastic!! The banannas foster crepe is to die for. We used to love Godmothers but sadly in the last few years it has gone down hill. Despite the many people who rave about 410 Bank St we were not overly impressed. I wanted to try out Sean's which is on the street side of Ocean Drive for a casual dinner but haven't had the chance yet. Also for a real foodie experience take a ride up to Stone Harbor and try out Sea Salt. The seating is a bit tight, but the food is so unique and delicious. enjoy!!

          1. I adore Cape May! Get there every spring & summer and if lucky, the fall as well. I would suggest Louisa's. Since the high season is over, they are only open on the weekend. Be sure to call at 4 for reservations - Cash only. The Washington Inn is delicious. They have a 3 course early bird - 5 - 6. The porch is the place to be. The Island Grill on Mansion Street (right by Colliers) is delicious and affordable. Geat black bean soup. Gekko's is great! Interesting menu. The Lobster House "take-out' is nice for taking to the beach. One can also eat out back on the dock, great fun! Enjoy and Happy Anniversary