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Pumpkin is in the air

I'm feeling a bit inspired as well as disappointed by the digs pumpkin column. I feel chowhounders can do better. Where is the best pumpkin ice cream? Where is the best pumpkin or squash ravioli? Where is the best seasonal soups....you get the idea.

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  1. Not available till closer to Turkey Day, Hood's pumpkin eggnog is a decadent treat, like drinking pumpkin cheesecake.

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      Oh how that stuff is amazing. They have 'Sugar Cookie' and 'Gingerbread' too, I believe.

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        Not sure about Gingerbread, but definitely Cinnamon. I have tried only the Pumpkin Eggnog and that's fattening enough! The Hood guy was stocking the cartons at the market when I was there last fall, so I told him how much I like it. He agreed, and said it was the best of the custom flavors, and that the Sugar Cookie is extremely sweet. If you want to gild the lily, make a bread pudding using a Trader Joe's pumpkin spice cake (small bundt, not very spicy at all), 2.5 cups of pumpkin eggnog, and 2 large eggs. 50min at 350 - I used a 7x11 glass dish. Serve slightly warm, with cold eggnog as a sauce. This is a knockout!

    2. Richardson's makes a great pumpkin ice cream. It used to be available at Cafe Med in Filenes; but sadly they're gone. Other Richardson's outlets should have it.

      Antico Forno makes a good pumpkin ravioli.

      1. MMM! Good topic! I'm interested in pumpkin foods too. I LOVE anything pumpkin. I know in the fall that Cottonwood Cafe has a pumpkin cheesecake which is quite good. Looks like I'll be making pumpkin waffles for breakfast soon too. :-)

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          Soooo... make me some delicious pumpkin waffles. yum

        2. Has anyone tried the pumpkin whoopie pies from wicked whoopies? I'm so tempted to order some...

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            Haven't had them there, but did have the pumpkin whoopie pies from Verrill Farm. So worth it.

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              Yes...excellent and should be paired with their maple pies.

            2. Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale...a local brew out of Portsmouth, NH
              I'm not sure how it taste yet...bought a case last weekend from Kappy's.
              Pumpkin Rasin Muffins from The Gingerbread Construction Company in Wakefield.

              1. The pumpkin Kaddo and Banjan Challow at Helmand is delicious.

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                  I'll second that! Love the pumpkin kaddo, but definitely need it with the yogurt sauce as it can be a surprising shot of sweetness at first taste alone.

                2. Pumpkin ice cream from Kimballs- Westford/Littleton location please. The BEST- that on top of their apple crisp- PERFECT fall day dessert

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                    Agreed! We wait for it all summer. Had it last week from Littleton and it was as good as ever. Super creamy and pumpkiny, but not overly spiced with cinnamon, etc (I find some pumkin ice creams can suffer from overkill on the spices). Lovely.

                  2. Ok not really pumpkin, but the other thing I like is Tealuxe usually offers a pumpkin spice chai in the fall. I used to love that wonderful blend of pumpkin pie spices with their chai tea. Delish.

                    1. Trader Joe's has the BEST pumpkin ice cream I've ever had store-bought. Just waiting for them to get it back in before I stock up.

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                        Is that the Double Rainbow? I wait all year for their pumpkin ice cream to come back to Trader Joe's!

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                          Yes, that's the one! And you just stay AWAY from the Burlington TJs - they're ALL MINE! ;-)

                          1. re: LindaWhit

                            Your Burlington stash is safe, I'll be watching for it in Saugus!

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                              I was at the Burlington TJs yesterday, and they are anticipating arrival of the Double Rainbow Pumpkin ice cream "any day now". The staff there love the pumpkin ice cream as much as the shoppers do!

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                                I went looking for this ice cream at the TJ in West Newton last night and the employee re-filling the ice cream section told me they won't be getting it in this year and that goes for all stores, not just West Newton. Has anyone else heard this? Hoping perhaps he's mis-informed...

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                                  I just called the Burlington store and the guy who answered looked it up on their tear sheet, and it says "not orderable" but the fact that it's still on their system is good. But from everything that they hear at the Burlington store, it IS coming in - they just don't know when.

                                  Fingers are crossed....

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                                    Just brought home Richardson's Pumpkin ice cream (1/2 gallon commitment) from D'Agostino's in Arlington Heights (I am guesss is probably available by the scoop at their retail outlets like Jordan's Furniture as well) last night - it's not rich and eggy like the Double Rainbo, but it is creamy and full of pumpkin flavor with enough but not overwhelming spice - they also had Pumpkin Cheesecake flavor from Ben & Jerry's that caught my eye, but the graham cracker mixin included wouldn't really work for me.

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                                    DEVASTATING news! alt11 is correct - I checked at the Burlington TJs yesterday and it came up on the computer as "no longer listed" or something like that - meaning the buyer didn't order it this year. He couldn't believe it either and said he would put a note into the buyer expressing a customer's dismay at not having it in stock this season.

                                    They had a fire in their Avon warehouse a few weeks back, and while the stock wasn't affected the office area was, so supplies have been coming from California - but he said that wouldn't be the reason we're not getting it in this area. Just that the buyer didn't choose to order it this year.

                                    I say string up the buyer by his/her thumbnails for screwing up on this one!

                                    :::::Sigh::::: Anyone know if this is carried anywhere else locally? I've EMailed the "info@" at Double Rainbow, but never got a response back from them. Will have to try that again.

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                                      Linda, I feel your pain! It might be assuaged, though, by the pumpkin eggnog to which I referred at the top of this thread. It's a seasonal Hood item - I haven't yet looked. Not usre if MB carries it but I've previously found it in Lucci's (Wilmington) and Roche Bros. It is mighty fine as is, and if you made ice cream with it, you'd probably be well-consoled. (If you don't have an i.c. maker, use the granita-making technique of putting it in a cake pan and periodically scraping it with a fork as it freezes, or put it through the blender when it's nearly solid, then refreeze.)

                        2. Herrells, Harvard Square has amazing pumpkin hard ice cream and frozen yogurt.

                          Imperial Pumking Ale comes in large bottles and is amazing.

                          Punkin from Dogfish Head is my second choice so far this season, and Blue Moon's version doesn't cut it at all. I assume Shipyard it still good, too.

                          Top pumpkin muffins for me are from Quebrada and (yes, it's true) Panera and Peets has a great pumpkin loaf slice (but NOT their muffin - it's all spice and no pumpkin!).

                          Where is an amazing pumpkin cheesecake (outside of Rosie's - and no, not the Cheesecake Factory - it should actually have pumpkin you can taste in it) or a creme brulee?

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                            The Shipyard is excellent and is fresh on tap at The Thirsty Scholar. I didn't like the Punkin, which seems to be trying too hard (a bit like all their beers <ducks>) to me.

                            1. re: chickendhansak

                              in complete agreement with you regarding dogfish head's punkin. my personal favorite: weyerbacher's :o)

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                              I had a Post Road Pumpkin Ale yesterday - quite good.

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                                Nov/Dec 2006, Cafe Escadrille in Burlington had pumpkin cheesecake with a warm caramel drizzle and, I think, some spiced pecans. It was a great dessert - don't know if they made the cheesecake themselves nor if it is a regular winter feature.

                              2. I make the best pumpkin cheesecake. ;)
                                But my other favorite is the pumpkin ice cream at White Farms in Ipswich, in a hot fudge sundae. Its my favorite part of autumn.

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                                1. re: failingwannabevegan

                                  Have you or would you post your recipe on the other board?

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                                    I haven't, but I will try to remember and do so this week.

                                2. Sweet Scoops makes a fantastic pumpkin fro yo. Just the right balance of sweet, spice, and pumpkiny goodness.

                                  1. White Farms on rte 133 in Ipswich.

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                                      White Farms is on Rt. 1A in Ipswich.....

                                    2. Dave's Fresh pasta in Davis square usually has a pumpkin sage ravioli that is delicious! I crave it every year. Antico Forno also had a pumpkin gnocchi last year that was very good.

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                                        word on the street. Temple Bar is doing a 3 course Pumpkin Meal.
                                        perhaps too much pumpkin? havent been there in a while but my friend went the other evening and was pleased with the regular menu :)

                                        1. re: mollyditty

                                          Here's the description of the Temple Bar's Pumpkin Prix Fixe:

                                          10/10-10/18, 3-course menu of roasted pumpkin bisque with a mini cider popover and apple caponata; Long Island duck breast with truffle pumpkin gratin, maple roasted apples and chard; and pumpkin spice soufflé with burnt sugar ice cream and candied ginger. The menu, priced at $35 per person, will be available in addition to the regular menu.

                                          1. re: mollyditty

                                            I don't think i can ever eat at Temple Bar again - an experience there a couple of weeks ago was so incredibly flat and boring. On par with chain restaurants, with bad mixed drinks.

                                        2. BIG list of pumpkin eats in the city: http://www.weeklydig.com/department-c....

                                          Sweet also has a Pumpkin Cupcake with Cream Cheese frosting. Yum.

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                                            Strangely, your link didn't work. But in searching for "pumpkin" on the Dig, I found it. Thanks!

                                          2. Usually I get fresh raviolis from Dave's but the frozen pumpkin ones at Bella Ravioli in Medford are totally worthy! I think they are available all year long.

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                                              Sweet Tooth on W. Broadway in Southie makes a pretty delicious pumpkin cranberry cheesecake with a gingersnap crust...mmmmm...

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                                                I was craving pumpkin ravioli last night so I decided to put it on the dinner menu. I was disappointed when both Dave's and Capone's were closed (guess I should have expected it since it was Sunday!), but I was saved by Bella Ravioli. I had never been there, but the man I spoke with when I called to check their hours was nice enough to say they'd stay open for a bit longer if I was on my way, so I couldn't resist. Sure enough he had them waiting for me, and I was even offered some sage from the plant they had growing. But I digress....the ravioli were delicious, and I prepared them simply with a brown butter and sage sauce. There was a good amount of filling in each, and the flavor was fairly sweet but also good cinnamon taste. I will definitely be back to taste some of their other pastas, and may grab some more pumpkin to stick in my freezer!

                                              2. I want pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Where are they?

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                                                  Shaws has pumpkin chocolate chip whoopie pies but that's all I've seen so far. Their rendition is slightly less greasy than Whole Foods' (although WF lacks the chocolate chips).

                                                  1. re: bee

                                                    Whole Foods in Woburn has a really good one.

                                                    1. re: rlh

                                                      I just tried the WF's Pumpkin and Maple Whoppie Pies this weekend and they were phenomenal, probably the best dessert I've had from WF"s.

                                                      CBC's(Cambridge Brewing Company) Pumpkin Ale is excellent
                                                      Petsi Pies Pumpkin Bar with Cream Cheese frosting is also as good as it sounds

                                                      From years past I also agree that TJ's(Double Rainbow) Pumpkin Ice Cream is great.

                                                  2. Artu changes their drink menu seasonally so I am anxiously awaiting the return of the pumpkin martini with the graham cracker rim. It is delicious!! Sadly, the Sangria will be gone again until next summer.

                                                    1. Dunkin's pumpkin products start next Wednesday...

                                                      Tried the Pumpkin Spice coffee from Brueggers today. I like that it's not a 'syrup', but the beans are roasted with it. They have iced and regular. Yum.

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                                                      1. Antico Forno had a pumpkin gnocchi on the menu yesterday. Didn't try it because my mind was set ofn their fabulous chicken parm.

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                                                          Antico Forno's pumpkin gnocchi is great, but when they have the raviolis they are phenomenal. Of course, I always go with someone who orders the chicken parm so that I can get both!

                                                        2. Has anyone tried the Pumpkin Lasagna from Olives in Charlestown? Just read about it today in the Improper...

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                                                            I had their butternut squash agnoletti last year (yeah I know not the same thing but sorta similar!) and it was un real. One of my favorite butternut squash dishes- Id imagine that theyd do a good job with its sister the pumpkin :-)

                                                          2. How could I have forgotten? Last fall I discovered Pumpkin Fudge from Winfrey's - I had enver been to one of their stores but at the register at Russell Farms in Woburn, there's small display case with a few Winfrey's flavors. This was like an intense pumpkin pie, but with plenty of pumpkin taste coming through - I have a low tolerance for nutmeg, mace, allspice and clove and would not have liked the fudge if it had been very heavy on the spices. It is seasonal so I don't know if it is yet available.

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                                                              Thanks for the reminder! I love pumpkin fudge. Ye Olde Pepper Company makes it every year just for the Topsfield Fair. That is my favorite fudge. I tried to get it at their Salem store but they said it was only available at the fair.
                                                              Connor's Farm in Danvers has Winfrey's fudge too.

                                                            2. Today I went to Picco in the South End and they had pumpkin bisque, pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin pizza (with mashed potatoes and carmelized onions) and pumpkin ice cream on the menu. I tried everything except the bisque. The ravioli was delicious but they only gave you 2...wish it had been a slightly bigger portion. Pizza was very good though as was the ice cream (although I wish it had a stronger pumpkin flavor). I'll definitely be heading back to fill up on pumpkin before the season is over!

                                                              1. Does anyone remember the chain location, at the intersection of Middlesex Tpk and Rt 62 (Burl/Bedford) called "The Pie Shop"? It was that either before or after being "The Betty Crocker Pie Shop". They had a seasonal Pumpkin Chiffon Pie with a delicious filling, not overwhelmed by spice. The whipped topping, though God knows what was added to make it stable, was good, too. Not to mention the cheese toast that came with the chili and some of the salads. They always seemed to do a decent business, had a good location, and were a reliable spot for basic fare followed by a good piece of pie. I never understood why the formula didn't work - they were there for quite a few years but I think the whole chain is gone.

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                                                                  The forumula at the Pie Shop worked too well..... I used to love it there. It was a pre-Petsi's incarnation with good breakfast and lunch. It was so good, as a matter of fact, that the owner felt the $1Million for the building and land was a good price for his pie !!

                                                                2. I had some fantastic pumpkin ice cream at White Farms in Ipswich today- I also got some superb pumpkin fudge at Russell Orchards! Yum!

                                                                  1. Pumpkin spice coffee for a limited time at Walnut St. Coffee Cafe on Walnut St. Lynn. Yum! Also, great muffins there but not sure if they have pumpkin ones. Believe it or not, according to my boss, Dunkin' Donuts makes a good pumpkin muffin..

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                                                                      The DD's pumpkin muffins are the only ones I can't resist. They are moist, spicy and really good!

                                                                    2. Fabulous pumpkin soup at Garden at the Cellar- yum! Also, I noticed pumpkin bars at Petsi Pies that I haven't been able to taste yet. Burdick Chocolates has the pumpkin luxembourgers (French macarons) now too!

                                                                      1. Had the pumpkin custard dessert at Dok Bua. I like Dok Bua, but this wasn't anything I'd order again. It's about 90% custard and 10% pumpkin slices, the taste of which barely registers.

                                                                        1. I see that my favorite, Franklin Cafe's curried pumpkin bisque, is back on the menu. Can't wait to get there sometime soon!

                                                                          1. I've come over from the UK to cover the elections in DC - have been eating non stop pumpkin items since I arrived... among the best, the pumpkin bar and pumpkin pie at Petsi pies in Boston, the pumpkin ravioli from Whole Foods, also their pumpkin cheesecake and pumpkin pie...in DC I had great butternut squash and cinnamon soup at Perry's in Adam's Morgan and another great soup at DC Coast (and I usually hate soup) - and a pumpkin-pie smoothie from the farmers market. But the standout was the DC Coast sweet potato tart which was absolutely amazing, gorgeous crisp pastry combined with a really smooth, velvety filling.
                                                                            I even went on a cookery workshop at Whole Foods called '3 ways with winter squash' - a little too vegan-tastic for my tastes but the muffin we made was actually really nice.
                                                                            I can't recommend the Finagle a Bagel pumpkin bagel and pumpkin cream cheese, though, that was a step too far.