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Sep 18, 2008 04:01 PM

Source for Seville Oranges

I'm looking for someplace to buy seville (bitter) oranges in the east bay or San Francisco. I found them for a month or two at the Berkeley Bowl in January, but not recently. In the last week I looked for them at Berkeley Bowl, Mi Pueblo on High Street in Oakland, Mi Tierra and Monterey Market in Berkeley with no luck. I live in Oakland, but haven't checked out any produce stores in Fruitvale or Richmond yet. Any suggestons?

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  1. The market next to El Huarache Azteca #2 had seville oranges back in mid August.

    1. Like many other citrus, the high season is Dec/January. However, there might be some from the Southern Hemisphere this time of year -- I see a lot of Australian Navel oranges and tangelos in the markets now. Big carbon footprint, I suppose.

      1. Here is a seasonal chart from a California Grower. Sevilles are not yet in season.

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          Maybe there isn't a big supply... but the owner at Chac Mool in the Fruitvale gets his from local trees and had access to enough in August to make their Cochinita Pibil.