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Sep 18, 2008 02:49 PM

Lowell Beer Works

Anyone been since the old Brewery switched over? Thoughts/comments? We are heading there this weekend to sample some Pumpkin Ale. Yum, Fall is here. Thanks!

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  1. I was there in early August. They just started brewing beer on site at that time. I was a little discouraged to learn that they only own the small bar off the courtyard at the entrance to the complex. The pool/game hall/sports bar/dance club above is still there, and apparently, can be very loud at night. I was hoping to be able to drink decent beer and watch the Patriots on the big screens upstairs, but that's not gonna happen (yet). One bartender said that they have plans to expand and may look into buying the complex upstairs. The food menu is exactly the same as in Boston.

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        Tasted just Beerworks beer. They were out of the IPA, and had a bunch of "what's the closest thing to Bud?" varieties, probably to appeal to the Spinners fans (just as they do near Fenway during the season). I don't think there will be anything made here that will be unique to the site, but it beats the hell out of what is served upstairs in the entertainment complex.