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Sep 18, 2008 02:41 PM

What should I order at TRU?

I'm taking my best friend to TRU for her birthday, I was wondering what we should order & how much I should pull out of the bank. haha. I'm leaning towards getting the chef's collection or prix fixe, can someone go into detail on each and give specifics on what they liked? Is there anything else I should consider ordering? Does dessert come with the chef's collection or prix fixe or is it separate? Please let me know as much information as possible so I can make this dining experience memorable.


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  1. Yes, dessert is included. The chef's collection is the way to go.

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      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Hi Janie,

          We dined at TRU a couple weeks ago and had what they called the Grand Collection which came with the wine pairing. It sounded like a tremendous amount of food but each course was about one bite so we were actually afraid of being hungry - which didn't happen. I'm not going to go through our menu because they say they change it depending on what is currently available. But one thing we did like very much was that they let us switch a course here and there if we didn't like one particular item on the main menu. That was very accomodating of them.

          I can tell you that we did order the cheese course for "dessert" which was really good. The wine pairing was fine though I might just order a bottle next time. The only thing we found quite uncomfortable was the rather old-fashioned, formal, almost unfriendly servers. We tried conversing with them but with the exception of one server - they didn't say much. We just wanted them to just loosen up a bit and not act so aloof. The tab for two came to $455. Not sure if I'd do that again for that atmosphere.

          1. I will give you 1 piece of advice as a former cook there of about 4 months...order 2 different collections, and yes...dessert is included...2 courses at least! I would suggest the chef's collection and the seafood collection. That way you and your guest will get different things with each course. More for the senses...and you are looking at around $500 plus for both of you depending on the wine. Skip the pre fixe and go for a collection.