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Sep 18, 2008 01:52 PM

Best Happy Hour and Appetizers

My partner and I love meeting on Thursdays after work for happy hour when we can. Any suggestions in the Hollywood, West Hollywood, Hancock Park, Beverly Hills areas that have a really good happy hour with good cheap drinks and food? Something that runs a little later than the typical 6:00pm ending time would be nice too. We enjoy the $5 martini's at Lola's and their appetizers are good but we'd like to try something new. We're open to all kinds of food. Thanks all!!

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  1. I like Chaya Brasserie on Alden by Cedars Sinai, especially their litchi martini. They have nice wines also on special as well as various food specials. I liked the fried calamari. I really like their decor.

    I also like Marix Tex-Mex in West Hollywood for their $4 margeritas (not great but STRONG) and $1.50 tacos or quesadillas. I'm looking for other places as well.

    I heard that Mirabelle on Sunset has a good one but I haven't made it over there yet.

    1. mirabelle, house of blues and Barney's Beanery are all 4pm to 7pm, I think. Red Rock is 5pm to 7pm.

      1. Tinto Tapas in West Hollywood has a great tapas selection (at the bar only they are $5 a piece). The sangria is good and also they random hours each day, some going all night.

        Tinto Tapas Espana
        7511 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046