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Sep 18, 2008 01:34 PM

Matsuri in Darien - Any recent thoughts?

I made a reservation to eat here this wknd, but am a little hesitant because a couple of bad reviews were posted (but so were some very positive ones). Anyone been recently? How's the quality of the sushi and do you know if they have their fish delivered daily?

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  1. i went there with my wife and daughter about a month ago, and i must tell you, it was probably the best eating out experience, food and service, that we've had in a while. i can't wait to go back. the homemade dumplings are delicious, as was the steak my daughter ate, and the udon stir fry. don't listen to the naysayers, that place is really good.

    1. Personally, I think Matsuri has the best Sushi I've had in Fairfield county*. I was happy when Tengda opened in town, but have switched allegiance to Matsuri.

      (*admittedly, this isn't the highest of hurdles, but honestly, it stands up favorably to many places in NYC, too. Can't speak for the rest of the menu, because I go specifically for sushi, but everyone I've taken there seems to really enjoy it.)

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        CBAM, Have you eaten at Duo? I find their sushi to be the best & freshest in FC and I know they have a daily fish delivery.
        IF you've eaten at Duo, how does it compare?

        1. re: amanda3571

          I have, but I don't really consider it a sushi place. It was very good, and I like the conciet of 2 versions of the same thing, perpared Asian and European, but Matsuri, even though it is Pan-Asian, has a pretty pure sushi experience.

          1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

            You should try Duo for sushi. It's outstanding. TRULY.
            I'm sure Matsuri will be great too.

            1. re: amanda3571

              I'll have to give it a shot from that perspective next time I have a sushi Jones. Thanks for the reco.

              1. re: amanda3571

                Have you been to Duo lately? We haven't been in months because the last time we went we were disappointed. Do you think it's up to par?

                1. re: sibeats

                  We ordered out for a work lunch last week....really just sushi and salads and it was fantastic. Can't comment on the mains since it's been a while but Duo is my go-to spot for sushi.

        2. Just want to post a quick review of our dinner at Matsuri over the wknd. We will definitely go back, but not at 7:30 on a Friday night. Maybe during the week sometime. We arrived on time for our reservation and were immediately sat in the worst seat in the resto. Right next to the front door, by the kitchen, and next to a crowd of 6 people who were kinda loud. To be fair, our table was very very close to them but I could hear the men next to me better than my SO across the table. Immediately one of the waitresses noticed my look of discomfort and displeasure and moved us to another 2 top that had just opened. This waitress was an incredible delight the rest of our meal. The service was a 10.

          We ordered apps to begin with, and asked if we could order our sushi when we were done. The apps were all delicios, my favorite being seared tuna on a crispy wonton topped with mango salsa and a little seaweed salad. We also had some viatnamese spring rolls and crispy peking duck which were both very good. I'm glad we ordered our appetizers first because I had the feeling we were having a deja-vu experience like the last time we went to Ching's Table in NC. We would've been out of there in 30 mins had we not spaced our order out.

          We ordered our sushi, I got a regular salmon roll (8 pieces), and a bunch of different pieces of sushi to try. SO had a couple of the special rolls. The sushi was obviously very fresh which I appreciated. My one issue was this....the salmon roll came and each piece was an enormous chunk of fish with just a sprinkle of rice around. The individual pieces of sushi, same thing. The slices of fish coud have easily been 2 pieces of sushi, and there was just a little bit of rice under each. The fish hung and flapped down around the little nuggets of rice underneath. This bothered me, and I realize I am being picky, and whe I said something to my SO he told me I was crazy....but if I wanted sashimi, I would've ordered sashimi. I wanted at least a 70/30 (60/40 is more ideal) fish to rice ratio....not 90/10.

          All in all, the food was good & definitely fresh and we will try it again.

          However, I am still partial to Duo for sushi.