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Sep 18, 2008 01:29 PM

Django closed last weekend

From today's Inquirer -

Queen Village's Django, once the darling of the BYOB scene, closed last weekend after seven years. Owner Ross Essner says the slow summer, slumping economy and rising competition conspired against him. He promised to make good on scheduled parties and functions. Court records show judgments from suppliers Julius Silvert and Samuels & Son. Essner and a now-former partner bought Django three years ago from Bryan Sikora and Aimee Olexy, who now own Talula's Table in Kennett Square.

Stephen Starr says he'll convert his storefront at 706 Chestnut St., previously Blue Angel and Angelina, into an oyster house called Littleneck. He's clammed up on the opening date. The block, which also houses Starr's Morimoto, will be getting Union Trust, a steakhouse, next month and Chifa, a Peruvian-Chinese mix from Jose Garces, this winter.

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  1. This is truly a shame. Under Sikora, Django quite literally changed the BYOB scene in Philly forever and made people realize that BYOB's could compete with the big boys. Django really helped to put Philly's restaurant scene on the map. I returned after Sikora left only to find that the food, atmosphere and service were all still excellent. I really loved everything about this restaurant and it will be missed.

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      I agree but does this invalidate the no compete clause for Bryan and Aimee?

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        hi i just google ross essner and was planning to to eat there and see him again....i meet ross as a child in ventnor city and was pleased to see him on here as a chef...great job ross....its andy from still going to v c mom lives there now and my son is 14 older than when we meet there
        ]if you read this please contact me

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          I heard that the chef from Django is now a partner at the new Taproom on 19th in S. Philly. I tried it last weekend- a gastropub that actually delivers.