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Sep 18, 2008 01:27 PM

where can I get "homemade" bacon?

I'm not talking about pre-packaged thick cut/applewood smoked/etc like Nieman Ranch or your run of the mill whole foods/trader joes/etc. I'm talking about a place (restaurant/deli/unmarked-white-van?) that smokes their own pork. Yes, I've seen the recipes online, but I'm a bit lazy to go that far...for now.

Had some bacon (on a BLT as part of a sampler) at a BBQ place in Kauai, and it was the best bacon I've ever had. You could really taste the smokiness of the bacon, and checking their menu later, they said they make their own. After that, I'm surprised more BBQ places don't make and sell their own bacon.

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  1. Roundman's in Fort Bragg, CA. OMG! The BEST Bacon EVER!! You can order online:

    1. Dittmer's in Mountain View... I'm pretty sure they smoke their own, they make sausages and have smoked legs of things as well.

      1. I was going to say that the best "homemade" bacon I have had in this area was from the Corralitos Market just below Aptos. However, this article is worrisome and I would call before making the trip. On e morning as I waited in line after the 9AM opening the man in front of me cleaned out the tray. I was was informed there was plenty more where that came from. Their many apple-wood smoked sausages were available online.
        I can't find any online contact now. They are at
        569 Corralitos Rd
        Corralitos, CA 95076
        (831) 722-2633

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        1. re: wolfe

          Wow, that was a scare. The article says the owner planned to be open that evening, mostly just product loss. Thank the stars that Corralitos did not burn. They have some of the best bacon I've ever had, cured and smoked in house. Of course the main attraction at Corralitos is their huge variety of smoked sausage, also made on site. My favorite sausage is the Cheesy Andoullie, it's absolutely amazing, very rich. They do mail order.

          Every year for Christmas my uncle from sends each member of my family 5 lbs. of bacon from Coursey's smoked meats in St. Joe Arkansas. Let me tell you this is some of the finest bacon you can get. Deep hickory smoke, absolutely wonderful pork, definitely an artisan product. They also do mail order.

          Both of these places are highly reccomended.

          1. re: virtualguthrie

            The Corralitos Market is in a beautiful valley of apple orchards. Thus their pork is applewood-smoked. While you are there, buy a ham shank (cracked) to keep in the freezer for making bean soup. It's terrific.

        2. Fatted Calf makes super nice, smoky bacon. If you pre-order, you may be able to get it unsliced (I have on occasion).

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          1. re: lexdevil

            You can also order it sliced thinner than usual if that strikes your fancy.

            1. re: lexdevil

              Tried some from Fatted Calf, and while good, it still wasn't as smokey as I'm now looking for.

              I suppose next on the list to try would be Neuseke's from GGM (would try Magnani's or Corralitos, but I'm closer to the Ferry Building).

              1. re: tobze

                Unfortunately I wasn't going home right away, but when I stopped by Seakor's Polish Deli today, I learned they make their own slab bacon.

                Wow, has Seakor changed. Maybe not in product, but they are really more American friendly. I guess the owner is getting good with English and all this California sushine must have finally got to him, he was absolutly cheery.

                Will try to pick the bacon up next time I'm in the area. The $100 dried mushrooms are still calling out to me.

            2. I've seen it at Magnani in Berkeley before. They had a couple of different kinds and were slicing it to order. 1576 Hopkins St.

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              1. re: Shane Greenwood

                I relaly like Magnani's bacon. Berkeley Bowl has a surprisingly good bacon. I think T-Rex smokes its own bacon, but they don't sell it retail, just on the menu. It is not local, but if you ever see a meat market selling Neuske's, that is wonderful. It is on the menu at 900 Grayson and a few other restuarnts.

                1. re: rworange

                  I really like the Magnani bacon too - but have not been able to get it for months. Everytime I go in there is none available and from a brief conversation with one of the folks behind the counter indicated that the new owners are doing it less. I agree Berkeley Bowl is a good alternative. I do not find Fatted Calf is noteworthy.

                  1. re: rworange

                    Golden Gate Meats in the Ferry Building sells Neuske's in the refrigerator case toward the raw bar.