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Sep 18, 2008 10:48 AM

Ramen restuarant by Globefish Calgary

Hey Everyone!

I was just driving down...14st (?) I think, the street that goes by the Regal Bengal (sorry my memory is bad..) Globefish Sushi.. and I saw this other place I think it's called Masu or something right beside Globefish. It said on the sign that they serve ramen- but there was a "for sale" sign on the front of the. Does anyone know about this place? If so, are they already closed down? Because I'm looking for a good ramen/noodle place (other then Pho) to try out. Thanks!!!

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  1. It never opened afaik, and with the for sale sign after a month or two of nothing happening, I wouldn't hold your breath about it ever doing business. Disappointing - I love ramen too.

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      It has not yet opened but they were shooting form Sept anyway- why would they go to the effort of changing signage? I don't get it.

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        The for sale sign says land and building only, so maybe there's still hope.

        1. re: ajy

          We asked two weeks ago in Globefish and they told us: (1) they are looking for a landlord, not selling the business (as ajy says) and (2) it would open in the next week. So don't hold your breath, but it's supposed to open soon. Now, if they'd only pave over the craters in that parking lot....

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            Hmmm, well I hope it opens, been craving ramen lately hehe. Chances are I'll drive by next week and see if they're open. If they are, I'll give you guys a heads up. :) But thanks for letting me know about the place, I thought it was closed business, but good to know that there's something to look forward too.

            1. re: pasaker

              there might not be- we'll all keep our ears to the ground for sure. With the film fest on until the 28th and lots of screenings at the Plaza I'll be hanging around K'ton a lot the next while too.

      2. The former NW Globefish location will be Muku Noodle House, by Ota/Warabino/Nakamura and renos are apparently near completion.

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          Globefish NW has been open in their new space for weeks now- it's the former Shan Tung space. The "Memu" or whatever it's called Ramen signage is up at OLD Globefish space next door- issue is that it also has a "for sale, building and land" sign on it.

          1. re: John Manzo

            Sorry, thanks JM ...edited my unecessarily long post since further googling lead me to the new Globefish address etc apparently a lot happened while we were on vacation. Sorry.

        2. I was hoping they were open today. They were not. The lights etc.. were for the construction going on. Got a confirmed opening date though. October 1st.

          Here's to hoping they do a good job with the ramen.

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          1. re: foodosopher

            Good timing! Here's hoping its open when I am in town. Will be interesting to see how they handle this.

            1. re: foodosopher

              Wow, an official date of opening! That's great to hear. I've been trying to slow my ramen cravings this week and went to other restaurants around the city that offered it.

              According to some fellow Hounder's, Sushi Hibiki and Shikiji were the places to go for noodles and sushi. Sushi Hibiki was good, I liked their portions. I had their Tonkasu (?), their pork base soup (though there was no pork meat in it) but it was very good. At Shikiji, I had their Miso Ramen, which was very good also, but their portions were HUGE! I honestly was shocked at how big the bowl was.

              I hope this Musu place will be good...

            2. I went to this place for lunch today. This will not be a great report as I don't remember as many details as I should- but I'l post it just to give an idea. I have never had ramen in Canada before so I have no real point of reference. This held up to Japanese ramen though. The broth was very rich, a bit too rich and thick maybe. They offer 4 types of ramen and a few other dishes like salads. All the ramen was pork broth and all of them came with pork. One type was spicy, one was extra pork, and I forget the difference between the other two. The noodles were chewy and eggy like they were in Japan. My soup came with some baby corn, green onion, pork pieces and hot paste. It was $10 which seemed high- but it was filling and pretty unique in Calgary so I think they can get away with it. They sell takoyaki, but deep fried rather than cooked on a takoyaki grill. I tried to talk the cook into getting a grill, serving draft beer and staying open late. He was a nice man from Hiroshima and told me he'd do what he could. Service was friendly. I will go back.

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              1. re: Mawson Plan

                ooooohhhh...almost wishing for ramen weather just to try it out. Going to the states for yogurt (and other things) and I'm sure the weather will have changed by the time I'm back.

                1. re: sharonanne

                  I LOVE Ramen, have not had a decent bowl since Japan. Will have to give this a try next time I am in Calgary. Too bad it is all pork though???

              2. Just got back from a DELICIOUS bowl of ramen w/ spicy shoyu broth and I also got extra chashu- it's very lean chashu.