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Sep 18, 2008 10:43 AM

Going to the 5th Ave Theatre Sat night & I am looking for dinner recommendations!

I have tickets to the 5th Ave Theatre this Saturday night. There will be 4 gals and we are looking for a restaurant with good food and a fun atmosphere that is within walking distance. Any suggestions? Thanks for your input!

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  1. I'm not much for chain restaurants but the bar at Palomino might be just the ticket. Good food, close by, lively.

    1. on past excursions to the 5th avenue theater, i have been happy with the food and service at union square grille (6th/union) which is only 2 blocks away

      1. If you're willing to do bar snacks instead of a full dinner, Vessel might be a fun choice. Bonus, it's in the same building as the theatre.

        Otherwise, yep, Palomino's about the only thing kinda "fun" in the immediate vicinity.

        1. Il Fornaio, down near Nordstrom's is a bit better than Palomino if you're talking chain restaurants, and I've been to both a lot. But if it were me, I'd walk a little more and go to Tango. Small plates everyone can share. Everytime my high school pals from out of state come in, we go there and everyone loves it. The mushrooms with serrano ham and sherry are to die for. And so is the signature dessert (large enough to share), El Diablo.

          1. Union might do it.
            Check it out.