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Sep 18, 2008 10:39 AM

Was it worth the drive to Camp 31?

I can tell you the wait staff are great, and after almost 2 hours on the road the beer (Horseshoe Lager) was nice and cold, even served in chilled glasses. The ribs (and that's was the purpose of the trip) were good, not great. The five members of our group were pleased not amazed, as one said "all this way and i am not even taking any home, what does that say?". The meat fell away from the bone with little effort and had a sweet smokey flavour. The first rack was big and juicy, my friend said her's had too much sauce I would have to agree. The second half rack was as good but two of the orders were boarder line burnt.The sides were not very good at all, the beans (which come with the ribs) were as good as you would get if you opened the tin in the asile of the store they were bought in. The fries were greasy and not nearly crisp enough, the slaw was room temp and the corn bread was cookie cutter mix like. Was it worth the drive? I am glad we did it. Would I drive 2 hours to eat at the camp again, not a chance. If you are in the area, it is well worth stopping in and enjoying the atmosphere and the ribs, hold off on the sides and leave more room for the ribs....ribboy

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  1. Definitely not worth the drive -- we drove a full 60 minutes from Brampton (each direction!) to go there earlier in the summer, and NOTHING there is freshly prepared.

    Those ribs you had have been smoked days ago and they're simply re-heated on the BBQ grill when you get there.. Pulled pork was also dry because of re-heating; the best thing we got there was a jar of their sauce for BBQing at home.

    I guess they just don't have the turnover to make ribs fresh from the smoker... which is a shame because I'm sure they are delicious if you were lucky enough to get them made the same day

    1. We were staying at a B&B during the summer that was just a bit down the road from Camp 31. After going in, looking around, and seeing the food on people's plates and their relative gusto (i.e., lack thereof) at attacking same, we decided not to bother eating there.

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        Would I be better off driving to Buffalo and heading for Famous Dave's?

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          depends where you live..don't get wrong the ribs were good..if the camp was down the street from my house i would visit it on a regular basis..thing is i live downtown toronto, so my next visit will be because i am close by...i bought 2 bottles of "ragin' cajun " sauce and bbq'ed some chicken with the sauce tonight and all was good with my family. so don't not go because of what i wrote, try it for yourself and let the rest of us know what you think...but honestly don't fill up on the sides..the ribs are way better..

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            If you're going to Buffalo for BBQ I'd recommend Kentucky Greg's Hickory Pit:
            It's conveniently located between the airport and the Walden Galleria... if we're returning from a trip and landing in Buffalo we'll go there for dinner before crossing the border back to Canada (after all, airlines don't feed you anymore!)

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              Thanks for the tip TexSquared, I will surely try it next time I venture to Buffalo!!

        2. ok never heard of camp 31 what is it?


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            it is located in Paris, Ontario just down the road from Brantford. It's location is well..lets say out of the way. If you are in the area or are looking for a road trip (not during rush hour) then try it If you live in downtown Toronto it will take you roughly 90 minutes. I enjoyed the ribs but as the above post says the sides are not so good. They have a good web site that gives you the history of the place in Paris as well as the original iwhich is in the United States of America.