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Lunch suggestions near gramercy park?

I will be at the National Arts Club tomorrow around lunchtime (20th between 3rd and Park). Suggestions for a nice place for lunch, where you can sit and talk and not be rushed? Not on an expense account:) Salads soups or even something ethnic would work. Would walk 20 blocks or so. Thanks!

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  1. What about the Tavern Room at Gramercy Tavern?

    1. Fleur de Sel, on 20th St., b/t B'way & 5th Av., offers a 3-course lunch prix-fixe for $29.

      Tocqueville, on 15th St., b/t Union Sq. W. & 5th Av., also offers a 3-course lunch for a few dollars less @$ $24.08.

      Both have superb cuisine, professional service, and lovely, unrushed ambiance.


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        I second Fleur de Sel, excellent french cuisine.

      2. You have picked a great area to eat at. There are loads of great restaurants to choose from:

        Wildwood- BBQ. It is new and had a great menu, reasonably priced
        Houstons- Up on 27th, always a solid lunch option
        Blue Water grill- Great scene, a NYC staple that serves good food. Not all seafood, lots of different options
        Union Square Cafe- Need a reservation as this is a very popular spot
        Haru- Good sushi, fast service
        Via Emilia- Very inexpensive Italian, but very good
        Dos Caminos- Mexican with good tableside guac

        1. L'Express - Without question
          Park Avenue at 20th Street

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            Steak & Frites is quite nice and very affordable.

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                  The Steak Frites near Union Square closed and has re-located downtown to Varick St.

              1. Giorgio's of Gramercy
                27 E 21st St,
                Btwn Bway & Park Ave S
                I can not recommend this place enough! Especially for dinner! But its great for lunch also.

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                  Thanks for all the suggestions. We ended up going to Via Emilia, and it was perfect. The pasta is homemade, and we each had a pasta dish and a nice glass of wine. The food was delicious (my dish was a ravioli prepared with eggplant and tomato and other things, quite delicious, and my cousin had a ravioli prepared with truffle oil and other things, also great). The service was really friendly, too. Just bring cash, they don't take credit cards. I would say for the quality of the food, it was good value. Each pasta dish was $12 for a decent portion, and the wine was $8 for a nice glass.