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Sep 18, 2008 10:00 AM

Emergency-forget about Japanese-I FORGOT MY MOM'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

I need an emergency "OMG-I-forgot-your-85th-Bday" seafood restaurant. Mom LOVES fish-I've been wanting tro try Black Salt, but I'm open to suggestions. Maybe something a little further toward the west since we live out near Winchester (land of nothing worth eating), or even in Frederick.

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  1. Both my suggestions are in Tysons, which I realize is not *close* to Winchester, but I guess it is closER than DC.

    1) Monterey Bay Fish Grotto (their crab cakes are very good)
    2) If you are okay with shelling a bit more $$, you can try Maestro which is in the Ritz Carlton in Tysons Galleria. Their menu is seafood heavy and they even have a 5 and 7 course tasting.

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      I second Monterey Bay Fish Grotto. I just had an excellent meal there - the Chilean sea bass I ordered was cooking perfectly.

    2. How could you forget your Mom's BD? Yipes!

      Since I haven't been to the DC, NoVa area in several years, I can't make a recommendation for a restaurant, but I'd be sending her flowers and buying her a great box of chocolate or perfume, etc. Or anything you know she'd really like, i.e., book, clothing, music--then take her to a great restaurant (and notify the restaurant ahead of time that it's your Mom's birthday and arrange to have a dessert or cordial sent to her). Good luck. I'm sure the D.C. area CH's will guide you in the right direction. FoiGras

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        Hmmmm FoisGras, it seems ike you might have some personal experience in this area??? Well you''ll be glad to know I anticipated at least some of your advice. She didn't want to trek all the way down to DC, and she and dad like to eat early (6 p.m., yuck) so I was able to snag a table at Girasole in The Plains and I'm having a bouquet of sunflowers delivered to the table. Funny, when I called her to apologize she said "Well I thought that's why you had us over to dinner the other night!" It was just a regular Sunday supper invite though, with no birthday card or broohaha, so I think she was just being nice. (I made a Vietnamese rice noodle-vegetable-pineapple salad-grilled pork thingy with brown sugar and cinnamon -braised pineapple over vanilla ice cream for dessert. May I say it was YUM)

        1. re: Missy

          Missy--Thank goodness--it's seems as though you redeemed yourself. Good Girl!

          Fortunately, I never--I mean NEVER--forgot my Mom, Dad's or Hubby's birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Guess I'm just lucky or neurotic enough to be on top of such celebratory situations.

          BTW, your Mom sounds like a very gracious lady since she had thought your invite to Sunday night supper was sufficient enough to be a birthday celebration. Aren't you so lucky to have such a loving, self-actualized Mom. Perhaps, that is why you seem to be such a nice person. Hey, we all make mistakes and can be forgetfull. In this day and age it isn't to be somewhat mindless--we are so involved in many other areas, such as work, school, kids, gas and food prices, etc.

          Glad to hear that all went well. Best wishes--FoiGras

          P.S. sounds as though you are quite the accomplished cook. I'm impressed.