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Sep 18, 2008 09:37 AM

Izakaya-style japanese?

I'd love to have some grilled hamachi collar this weekend-and some skwered meats and some udon and so on and so on.... Is there any Japanese place around that does stuff like this? I love Makoto but was thinking something more casual. It's like a museum in there!

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  1. blue ocean in fairfax.

    1. You must go to Sushi Taro before they change decor December 14th. They will have the hamachi collar I always get, excellent selection of tempura and skewered whatever you want. We had Oden the last two weeks, steamed eggs...etc. My favorite is their sashimi with bluefin tuna but that's besides the point. Get there before 7 and you won't have to wait an hour...especially when the weather gets cold. My fear is that the place unfortunately may no longer be an Izakaya after the remodeling and it will be just another washington DC restaurant with high prices and "fancy" food. So enjoy there while you can! I do, every weekend.