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Sep 18, 2008 09:10 AM

Solo dining in Old Town SD?

I'll be at a conference, staying in Old Town. I have not been in San Diego in at least 20 years and I don't know the city at all. Where should I eat dinner? I'd like to stay in the neighborhood, but I will have a rental car. I like all types of foods......Thanks.

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  1. El Agave is very nice smallish. would be good for one.. I havent been in awhile but it was always good..I think Pacifica is also still there which was very good..

    1. I had a very good meal at El Agave, so I definitely recommend them as well. I thought Cafe Pacifica had closed earlier this year but someone told me recently they re-opened.

      Has anyone tried eating at the places that Delaware North took over (the old Casa de Pico and Casa di Bandini)?

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        I would suggest avoiding Delaware North restaurants at all costs. Diane Powers restaurants did not have the greatest food, but at least the atmosphere was upbeat.

        Cafe Pacific did reopen a couple of months ago run by the Zagarella people from Little Italy. Can't critique because we haven't tried it.

        I really think the safest (and coincidentally), best call is El Agave. Really interesting, authentic mexican food (forget the cheesy, Americanized versions), good selection of wine, and the best representation of tequila and mezcal in the area.

      2. Since you'll have a rental car you'll probably be better off going up the hill in to Hillcrest (The Better Half, Bite, Mama Testa, etc.), South to the Midtown area (Starlite, Blue Water Grill), Downtown (Cafe Chloe, Oceanaire, Cowboy Star), or slightly west into Point Loma/Ocean Beach (Roseville, The Pearl hotel, South Beach Bar and Grill, Hodad's). All are in pretty close driving range.