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Sep 18, 2008 08:48 AM

Farmer's Cheese (preferably) on the west side

I've only seen farmer's cheese at some ethnic delis in Hollywood, but they don't always have it and it's a bit too far east from where I live. Does anyone know of any super markets or any places in general that carry it reliably? I've looked at WF/Gelson's/BF/Ralphs, etc. Never saw it at any of those places. Actually i've seen the Lifeway brand at Jon's, and i could settle for it in a pinch, but any tips for brands other than Lifeway would be much appreciated too.

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    1. If you're referring to the type of farmer's cheese that is similar to ricotta in consistency, they have it at the Ralphs in Westwood Village. Look in the refrigerated section where the kosher products are. I don't recall the brand, though.

      They also have a semisoft, shrinkwrapped product labeled farmer's cheese in the area where the blue cheese, feta, etc. are. (not the deli area with the Boar's Head stuff) Looked similar to gouda in consistency. I'm only familiar with the ricotta-type version, so no idea what this other version is like.

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        Indeed found the shrinkwrapped farmer's cheese yesterday at the Westwood Ralph's! Thanks a lot Jme.

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          I'm glad you found it... When I used to work in the deli at the markets, the various stores that carried it had a good percentage of Jewish customers - it was always the little old Jewish ladies who came up to me and asked - no, demanded that the big blocks of shrinkwrapped farmer's cheese be cut in quarters or thirds for them because they couldn't finish off a whole block in time. Some of the bubbes would put on the schmaltz and call me bubbala - I'd cut them a generous piece and mark it down as expired...

          1. re: bulavinaka

            Hey now, are you comparing me to a little old Jewish lady!? I'm not that old and frail yet! :)

            Jme, if by the shrinkwrapped version you refer to the Friendship brand that was in that blue cheese/feta/gorgonzola section, it's actually very similar to ricotta in consistency. Maybe just a little bit drier, but definitely nothing like gouda. I think it may appear firmer because of the way it's packaged. There are actually two layers of shrinkwrap.. for whatever reason.

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              Bupkes bubala, alter cocker no... I'm just a little kvetch kibitzing ya' my bubula...

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                Glad you found what you needed, karamazov!

                Friendship is the brand I couldn't remember - that's the one I bought (ricotta consistency). It was stocked in the kosher section when I went a few months ago.

                The gouda-style version was a different brand, and it was stocked in the blue cheese area. It definitely was a semihard type. It was a little round chunk that was shrinkwrapped - not the rectangular package of the Friendship brand. Sounds like it might be the same thing pharmnerd initially bought, from the description below.

                1. re: Jme

                  Had a orange label, round, shrinkwrapped, about 4-5" diam.

                  1. re: pharmnerd

                    Yep, that sounds like the one I saw too.

                    Incidentally, how was it? I know it wasn't the type you were looking for, but after talking about it now I'm curious. :) Maybe I'll go back and buy some...

                    1. re: Jme

                      Funny you ask. Recipe called for me to push the cheese (Sherry Yard A&S Cheesecake recipe) through a strainer to make the curds fine. The first one I bought had the consistency of cheddar, so obviously a small red flag went up. Nevertheless, like an idiot, I tried to press it through the strainer with the butt end of a wooden juicer. No results, except for a big messy gob of cheese stuck to my strainer. Realized I had the wrong kind of Farmers cheese after searching Wikipedia. In frustration, I barely took a bite and threw it in the trash. Sorry, can't really tell you how it was.

                      1. re: pharmnerd

                        How did the cheesecake come out? Am always looking for new recipes. The cheese is used alot for filling blintzes, that's what I use it for. TIA

        2. Mistakenly bought farmers cheese from Pavilions (in Lakewood) without realizing I needed the aforementioned ricotta-ish type. Wasted about $7. Eventually found the type I needed for my recipe (cheesecake) at Whole Foods in Long Beach. If not mistaken, was Bellefontaine brand. No luck at other markets, even TJoes. Per the WF worker, farmers cheese is a fairly general description, but the softer ricotta-consistency type is the most common.

          1. Last time I was looking found it at Ralph's at Barrington and Olympic