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Sep 18, 2008 08:47 AM

Arthur Treatcher-style Fish? (MSP)

I'm seeking a place in Saint Paul that has fish like Arthur Treatchers - would that be beer battered? Near the Midway/University area would be best for lunch.

Hooks is out; they use like corn meal or something.

I've got my true English malt vinegar and nothing worthy to put it on! This crave is driving my crazy and I badly need to satisfy it.

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  1. Is Mac's on Larpenteur too far?

    1. I'm not exactly sure what Arthur Treatcher-style fish is, but I'm guessing a fish and chips-style fish?

      In St. Paul, Groveland Tap has a decent AYCE beer-battered fish dinner on Fridays (I'm not sure whether it's available for lunch).

      The only other place in St. Paul where I've tried the battered fish is the Liffey, and it was pretty awful (the fish was dried out and chewy and pretty fishy tasting).

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      1. re: diesel

        FYI - Arthur Treacher's was a chain of fish and chip places - along the lines of Long John Silvers.

        1. re: bob s

          I remember when I was a kid an arthur treacher's opened up in rochester. Lines around the block for days and days!!! For fish and chips!!! Hilarious.

      2. I have to say, I really miss having choices for fast food fish, like Arthur Treacher’s and H Salt. They used to be all over. For what it’s worth, there is an Arthur Treacher’s in one of the foodcourts at Mall Of America. I think it shares a space with Nathan’s Famous. But it’s been a while since I’ve been there.

        As MSPD mentioned, there is Mac’s out on Larpenteur. And Chris & Rob’s down on West 7th has “Fish and Fries” on their menu, but I’ve never tried it. I doubt it’s anything special, but it might be worth a shot.

        Uncle Ira

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        1. re: Uncle Ira

          I miss Long John and Aurther, too. Good, cheap eats!

          I think there's a Long John's out Hwy 10 just a bit off 694. Doesn't do me much good but on a Sat.

          Gonna give Mac's a call today for a pick-up... Before I start swizzling my malt vinegar!

          1. re: green56

            Exactly what I was craving. Even smelled very close to what I had in the UK.

            Soaked my three pieces of fish in my vinegar and went to heaven.

            1. re: green56

              There's a Long John Silver down in Lakeville as well.

          2. Arthur Treatchers Rocks! Haven't had it since I was kid in East Detroit. The closest thing to Arthur Treatchers is Mac's Fish 'n Chips on Larpenteu — skip the chips. Long John Silvers doesn't even come close.

            1. I've tried to find the silvers on hwy 10 coming from St.Paul with no success!
              The internet maps give me a exit # that does not exist on any of the signs!
              Looking at the map it looks pretty close to North Town, how close am I?

              If were being nostalgic here does anybody remember skippers?
              They had a few places in the cities for a while.
              Sadly they left the area but are still a live and well on the west coast:

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              1. re: mikemcg62

                2219 Highway 10, Moundsview. It's a Taco Bell/Long John Silvers. Right side of the road; you make a right turn. And if I'm not mistaken it's right next to a Country Buffett.

                1. re: mikemcg62

                  Not sure How you are planning to get there, but if you take snelling north, it splits off on the right just after you make the turn where it turns into 694. So if you take 35E to 694W, just watch for it around the snelling exit. The signs say Anoka on them IIRC. The Taco Bell/LJS is on the right, just atter you cross above 35W. There are now 2 "HWY 10's", so I can see how an internet map could get confused. The LJS is off the "old Hwy 10" I also do not recall any old country buffet around there, unless it was just recently built.

                  *re:Northtown - that is the right Hwy 10, LJS is about 1 mile east (closer to St. Paul), as I stated above, it will be on the right hand side just after you cross above 35W, it's up on a hill.

                  1. re: autmommy

                    Thanks Autmommy, that gives me a better idea where it is

                    1. re: autmommy

                      That LJS is on what we call 'old highway 10'. The easiest way to get there (from the south) is to take 35W north to highway 10 (just north of 694). As mentioned, you'll go up and over the highway, and the LJS/Taco Bell will be on the right just after the first stop light.

                      For reference sake, it is probably more like 4-5 miles East of Northtown on 10.