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Sep 18, 2008 08:22 AM

Best sushi in Baltimore

Taking a survey here to help us find a new sushi joint. For regular sushi eaters, please tell me your favorite places to eat sushi in Baltimore and why you frequent them. I would also appreciate comments on if they serve wine, or allow you to bring your own.
We love sushi at Chiyo in Mt. Washington, but we never seem to try anything new.
All comment welcome- positive and negative- just tell me why you have those opinions!

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  1. I like the Spider Rolls at Asahi Sushi in Fells Point... they are like 6 bucks and great... I also like their sushi in general... especially the sashimi... it's BYOB, but it's a one man show and you may have to wait awhile if there are some people already in.... some people may disagree, but I think the sushi is just as good as any other of the toted places in Baltimore ala Matsuri and not as expensive...

    Try the Hwe Dup Bap... it's really good.

    1. Sushi Hana in Mt. Washington is my recent fave. Nice, big rolls.

      1. im convinced that there's no good sushi in bmore. just places that serve rolls

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          I have had very good sashimi at Sushi Hana in Mt. Washington and Matsuri. I do think the true test of a sushi place should be plain fish not the maki; not that I never indulge in a roll.

          1. re: jfish

            matsuri's is exceptionally average. their fish is fair and they never have any sort of selection that deviates from the 10 or so "normal" fish that all sushi places serve.


        2. We went to Matsuri on Sunday night and I was totally surprised at how mediocre it was. It's been a year since we've been there and I had been anticipating better-than-average sushi. The next night I ordered in sushi delivery from a place called the Wok and Roll and it tasted no different than the sushi at Matsuri. I hope they were just having an off night.

          1. Matsuri is my favorite. I know other posts have knocked places rolls, but my favorite one at Matsuri is the Cinco De Mayo roll. It was a special roll in may but we order it everytime we go and fight over who gets the last piece each time.