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Sep 18, 2008 08:20 AM


That's a tongue twister, I know, but seriously...we will be travelling in South Wales (Cardiff & Swansea area) In October and wonder where you can get a proper Welsh Rarebit for lunch. Ideally, an inn or a pub in a charming coastal town with a crackling fire, but we will just settle for a plate of the real thing any old place. Please give us your recommendations.

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  1. Is it actually a Welsh dish...? I thought it was generally an old English dish and from what I know is usualy made with English cheese - chedder, cheshire etc.

    But ignoreing its origin I fear you will struggle to find it. I believe "St John" used to have it on their menu in London, and I recall having it at Betty's in York in my youth. But I can't recall seeing it recently, the best bet is probably an old fashioned tea room (like Betty's) rather than a pub as it is usually a light snack rather than a meal.

    1. My husband likes to remind me that the dish was originally called Welsh Rabbit. I've never Googled to find out why that is, but it's a British dish that goes way back. I've seen it on the menu quite a few times in English pubs, and I once tried it for lunch at a place not too far from Henley. You might find it on your travels, but will no doubt see more appealing fare than cheese on toast.

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        Funny you mention cheese on toast because that's what we were served at a pub in Ontario recently - just a strip of ordinary cheddar melted over stale bread. I was so incensed, I vowed to seek out the original, which is more like the consistency of cheddar cheese sauce and laced with the local beer.

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          Heck, they could have used Velveeta, and it would have been half decent! I think you'll find some good food on your travels and hopefully what you're dreaming of. A very good chef from Abergavenny has been on TV in the past year or so. If you get a chance, try to check out his place.It's the Hardwick and the chef is Stephen Terry.

      2. You can probably get rarebit in some pubs (I once ate a plate of it in a pub in Cardiff), but when I think of South Wales, I think of laverbread and cockles, two truly authentic local specialities. Make sure to try them during your holiday.