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Sep 18, 2008 08:10 AM

Best use of Gorgonzola/Blue Cheese

Ive been on an absolute obsessive kick lately with gorgonzola. Cant nearly get enough of it on anything: sandwiches, salads, burgers, straight up with beer, on pasta, on popcorn, with figs, and many others. Just love the stuff.

Is there anything out there that when paired with gorgonzola or that has a quality gorg as an ingredient that is just mind-blowing? Im up for pretty much anything as long as it can pair with a good beer.

Thanks, cant wait to hear some great ideas.

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  1. This past summer, while cooking at a private residence- I was asked to make spoon bread- and it had a healthy amount of blue cheese. Delicious! The cookbook was Fandango- a lifestyle book about the Santa Ynez Valley- but bet you could google and get 100's of recipes.

    I also, working at the same place, had the Chefs blue cheese I love me some blue cheese- and to be honest, the thought of cheese sorbet grossed me out- but it was FANTASTIC! Creamy, smooth, a bite and just perfect on nice summer day...can't remember what we served it with- but it is a keeper of an idea, just waiting for the perfect meal to serve it with!

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      This post just reminded me of Joe H's epic gorgonzola dolce risotto recipe:

      and the equally epic follow-up:

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        I think those two threads are the first I ever bothered to save (at the time, to my own PC).

    2. I have had a "grilled cheese" made with raisin bread and gorgonzola served with port. Sorry not a pairing with beer but really delicious.

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        Wow, there is some interesting stuff on here that I had not thought of that I would love to try. Thank you.

        Im not a grilled cheese fan usually but raisin bread and port would be tremendous. Ill probably use some glazed balsamic syrup on it.

        As also mentioned below, experimented with pizza but nothing perfect yet- I will keep trying different combos.

        The cottage cheese thing sounds awesome too. Long live GORG....

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          About a dozen years ago our golf group made our first trip to Kiawah Island outside of Charleston, South Carolina. On most nights we ventured into Charleston for dinner, and on one evening we chose to dine at Magnolia's, a popular place in town. One of the specials for the evening was Filet of Beef with Gorgonzola/Blue Cheese Brown Gravy. It sounded weird, but it was winner.

          Our Group does not remember much of the golf action from a dozen years ago, but we all remember the Blue Cheese Brown much we always re-order the dish whenever we go back to Magnolia's every other year since our first trip.

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            You just reminded me of another great use for blue cheese. The day after Thanksgiving, we add it to leftover gravy and use it to make turkey sandwiches!

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          This sounds super delicious. I have some Gorgonzola, hence why I'm checking this thread ;), so I'm gonna hit up the store for some raisin bread.

        3. I recently roasted up a mess of beets and other root vegetables, and topped with crumbled gorgonzola - the cheese was a perfect compliment.

          1. Ripe, luscious strawberries...

            Cut strawberries in half, stuff with gorgonzola. Best with gorgonzola vs. blue or roquefort. (shrugs shoulders) I don't know, I just prefer gorgonzola over roquefort.

            1. It's also great with pear. I've been using Asian pears, because I have a tree. Toss diced pear with a little lemon juice, green onion, crumbled cheese and a very small amount of hot broth so that it melts a little; top with toasted pine nuts on hot pasta. I eat that a lot during pear season. I also have a pizza recipe I mean to try soon. Press grapes into the dough, cook until mostly done, add crumbled blue cheese and cook few minutes more. Drizzle with honey.