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Sep 18, 2008 08:05 AM

best national brand peanut butter?

i saw "skippy" brand on julia child's counter in her "kitchen" exhibit at the smithsonian!

what is your favorite, and why? thanks!

also, does your "chunky" brand differ from your "smooth" brand?

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  1. I only like chunky, and I buy Skippy Super Chunk.

    I do have a Salton Peanut butter maker and have done that a few times, but frankly, prefer Skippy.

    However, I prefer my homemade Cashew butter and Almond butter

    1. On the other hand, I only like smooth PB. My brand is Peter Pan. Not sure why, other than nostalgia, maybe. Can deal with Jif in a pinch, or Planters (if it still exists; haven't seen it in years). Can't stand Skippy.

      Needless to say, I was going through withdrawal during the months that PP was off the shelves!

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      1. Smuckers Natural Creamy does it for us...we love it. (Hint: store unopened jar upside down; when you're ready to open and stir it up to incorporate the oil, it is SO much easier and not as messy. I used to hate stirring it up before I learned that tip.)

        1. I grew up with Skippy Smooth, but graduated to the chunky when it came out. I wish the regular original chunky was still available, as Super-Chunk can sometimes be too "stiff".

          Now I'll usually buy chunky Jif or Skippy interchangeably. Rarely buy smooth, unless I specifically need it for a recipe.

          1. JIF smooth, no contest. And I did. Have a contest.

            Lined them all up, Skippy, JIF, Peter Pan, I think there was another, smooth and crunchy.

            JIF smooth won, hands down.

            Why: taste, mouth feel, peanutty flavor, spreadability, evocation of nostalgia.

            Trader's Joes smooth is also very good, but it pours. Real PB shouldn't pour.

            Smooth vs crunchy: I just find nuts in my PB icky. I tried buying crunchy to slow me down re eating my PB. But it didn't work. Oh, and some of the nuts in some of the crunchy brands smelled rancid. Ick.

            Nope. JIF smooth. No question.

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            1. re: dolores

              I could have written your post dolores... agree with all of the above.