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kosher items found in israel not in US

what kosher items have you found in Israel that are not available in US. Please note where you saw those items.

I have heard from people who have found kosher Lindt chocolate at the airport.

I am looking for items one can bring back in their suitcase not restaurants like pizza hut

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  1. Kosher McDonalds - Ben Guron Airport
    Kosher Burger King - Jerusalem
    Kosher Pizza Hut - Jerusalem
    Kosher Sbarro - Jerusalem
    Kosher KFC - Jerusalem

    Comes quickly to mind.

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      I've brought interesting products back from Israel in my luggage... only to find them on my next shopping trip to Wasserman's (Queens), Brach's (Five Towns), or some makolet in Brooklyn immediatelly after my return to the States.! Since this has happened to me more than a couple of times, I've basically given up and expect to find everything sold in Israel available in my American neighborhood, sooner or later. Interestingly, I'm finding more and more products at my local stores in all Hebrew packaging, with no English whatsoever!

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        > I am looking for items one can bring back in their suitcase not restaurants like pizza hut

        I did not see this line in OP post, so I retract my reply. Still would be nice if more major chains open a few kosher stores.

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          A bit off subject... I think the only Kosher McDonalds outside of Israel is in Buenos Aires

        2. If you like sticky, gooey rugelach- Marzipan near the shuk in Jerusalem.

          1. I like certain varieties of Elite chocolate that are not available here, and I have brought home a few bottles & jars of some ingredients for cooking (for instance, I found curry paste a couple of years ago). I also usually pick up some varieties of tea (some Wissotzky flavors not seen here, and some from England), but as the years go by, I have been finding fewer and fewer things there are you can't get here, as midasgold said.

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              has anyone found interesting cheeses or special vinegars?

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                Last November I went into a cheese store in one the the crossing corridors at the Machane Yehuda market and bought 3 chunks of kosher Parmesan cheese, which I hauled home with ruggies and a chocolate pull-apart cake from Marzipan.
                I would love to have good cheeses here!

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                  I have seen in Teaneck lots of different israeli cheeses. You should also try 5 spokes

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                    Kosher parmesan is definitely available in the US, at least in NYC. I've seen it at Fairway and Supersol.

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                      Thanks. I live in St. Louis, where Israeli cheeses are few and deliveries sporadic. Next time I am up East I will endeavor to get to Fairway. Does the store up at 13Xth St. and Riverside carry them?
                      Thanks again, p.j.

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                        I bought a wedge of kosher Parm there about five weeks ago. There was only one option, a brand whose name is partly covered on my wedge by the Fairway label - I can make out Pieffe di (something)cini dr. Pietro. Be warned - it's $27.96/pound!

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                          Thanks, GilaB.
                          Ouch. Is the Parmesan at least delicious? Actually, I think I spent about $40 on the 3 chunks in Jerusalem. And that was at at 4:1 exchange rate!

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                            Never having had 'real' Parmesan before, I don't have anything to compare it to. I was expecting it to be more strongly flavored, but I do find that it adds a richness and depth of flavor to some foods (like soups.) On the other hand, it totally faded into a pesto that I made, to the point that I was sorry I hadn't used the cheap stuff.

                            My husband, who is less of a foodie than I but a bigger fan of cheese in general, has been grating it on top of pretty much everything dairy that I've served of late.

                            Note that you don't really have an option as to how much you want, since the cheese comes precut into approximately one-pound wedges. You can't buy an ounce or two to try it out.

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                              I bought the kosher brand of real parm in Fairway, only to see the same exact thing in Wegman's a few weeks later. In Fairway it was $28/pound, but in Wegman's $18 or $20.

                              It wasn't in the cheese section, but on a refrigerated shelf on top of the Hebrew National hot dogs and other 'kosher style' items.

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                  Thank you for reminding me, Queens Cook. A couple of years ago I brought back TEQUILA & LIME flavored Wisotsky tea (I purchased it in the Supersol supermarket next door to the Plaza hotel in Jersusalem). This is one flavor I have yet to find in the USA. (Cute idea, but too bad it didn't taste like tequila -or- lime!) At that same Supersol, I purchased O-K kosher Tic-Tacs (both the mint and orange flavors). Ironically, though they were sold in Israel, and I haven't seen them in the USA, the hechshur was an American one (the O-K) but I believe the product was produced in Ecuador, South America!

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                    I think I saw kosher tic tacs in teaneck

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                      Tic Tacs in Teaneck... I see that alliteration is alive and well on this board!

                3. While Elite chocolate is in the US, there are certain varieties of their chocolate bars that are only in Israel. For example, the chocolate bar with pop rocks in it. I looked all over and couldn't find it in America and even wrote about it here: http://chewonthatblog.com/2007/07/05/...

                  1. Martini & Rossi Vermouth - kosher version only available in Israel.

                    1. Chalav Yisrael Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Available anywhere in Israel with Belz hashgachah.

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                      1. Bissli Dak. Even the stores in Flushing don't know what I mean.

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                            Not at all. Boston Baked Beans have a sweet candy crust. Botnim Amerikaim have a crunchy salty and sweet flour-based crust (they are not kosher for Passover), with no artificial coloring. There is another version (that I like less) called Kabukim, where the dough must have some baking soda or other leavening added to it, because the crust is "puffier" than your regular Botnim Amerikaim.

                        1. My favorite Israeli product that is next to impossible to find in the US is the ironically named snack food called "botnim Amerika'im," American peanuts. They are peanuts enveloped by a thin crunchy crust.

                          Botnim Amerikaim can be found at any good stand selling nuts and gar'inim. You can find them packaged in supermarkets as well, but they are better fresh. I discovered them years ago at one of the Bahari stands on Rehov Ya'avetz in Jerusalem, and I've been a fan ever since. When I vist Israel I try to stop at the Bahari stand right before I leave and buy a kilo or more to take home with me. (I would like to think that the peanuts are sufficiently processed that this is not illegal.)

                          Why aren't botnim Amerika'im generally available in America? Even more problematic: Why are botnim Amerika'im called botnim Amerika'im if nobody eats them in America? If anyone has an answer for this mystery, I would be happy to know what it is.

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                            For the same reason that we have "Turkish salad" that's unknown in Turkey.

                            For that matter, what we call "Belgian waffles" are known in Israel as "Vafl Amerikai"; and what we call "Israeli salad" is in Israel "salat Aravi". I doubt that what the Israelis call "crep Tzorfati" is known in France; it's certainly nothing like what the French call "crepes". "French fries" may not really be French, but at least they are eaten in France!

                            "Chinese auctions" are neither.

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                              Wow! :) You are steeping into a different territory with the last one. "Pommes Frites", as known in France, are called here in US "french fries" Frenching refers to a cutting technique that creates long stripes bigger than "Julienne". They should be called "frenched fried potatoes". Then again, The score in tennis 15 - LOVE is also an americanism of the reference to l'oeuf (egg) being rounded like the Zero :)

                              1. re: mrotmd

                                Actually not. The term "French fried potatoes" predates the verb "to french" as a method of cutting. It's pretty clear that Americans have long associated this method of preparing potatoes with France. In the Netherlands they're called "Flemish fries".

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                              You can get the Botnim Amerikaim in many of the nutstores in Queens and Brooklyn. Oh Nuts has them, as well as the Israeli stores in Queens.

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                                Botnim Amerika'im can be purchased, pre-packaged here in America.

                              2. in Israel they have something called falafel, in the US they have something "like" falafel

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                                  I was in Israel recently. The falafel that Levy's Pizza in Queens serves was far superior to some of the falafel that I ate in Israel.

                                2. Doritos! Can be found at any snack place.

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                                    Mmmmm.... I second the doritos. Another thing I'll add that at least in Chicago they don't carry the Knorr soups (orange, green, red, white they call them in Israel). My parents just brought back a bunch of them.

                                    1. re: Pluckyduk8

                                      In the NYC area I see the Israeli parve "cheese" doritos at all the usual places (Brachs in the Five Towns, Wasserman's in Kew Gardens Hills, etc.) This was one of the items I brought back years ago only to find them for sale uncrushed in my local kosher market.

                                      I found the Israeli dairy (cholev Yisroel) Nestle Crunch ice cream bars to be out of this world. I had no way of taking the frozen confection back to the States... when I least expected it, I ended up doing a happy dance in the aisle of Brach's in Kew Gardens Hills when I found them in the States for the first time. Subsequently, I've seen them at Brach's and Gourmet Glatt in the Five Towns, at Wasserman's in Kew Gardens Hills, and I believe in Los Angeles. I made an attempt to locate cholev Yisroel Nestle Crunch chocolate bars, but was unable to find them anywhere in Israel, so I assume a special run of them is made only for the Israeli ice cream product. Besides the few flavors of Max and Mina ice cream that are cholev Yisroel, this is the best cholev Yisroel ice cream product I've ever had; this product is worth every penny for the Nestle Crunch bars alone!

                                      Pumkin Seed -> CONGRATS on the botnim amerikaim making their way to Amerika for you to enjoy!

                                  2. The botnim amerikaim, as well as all other imaginable pitzuchim are available in Brooklyn at the corner of Kings Highway and E. 7th (I forgot the name of the store). They are open late.

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                                      I am not in New York, but I am happy to hear that botnim Amerika'im have established a presence in the US. Who knows? Today Brooklyn and Queens; tomorrow they may develop the widespread popularity they deserve and sweep the country!

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                                        oh nuts has a website and I am sure you can order them on there.

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                                          Its so funny to hear that in Israel "Israeli "Peanuts are called American Peanuts. Several years ago in LA I bought some of these type of peanuts at one of the Kosher Grocery Stores on Pico- they called them Asian Peanuts!

                                      2. Has anyone found Israel cottage (cheese) here? I see the gvina levana all over the place, but never cottage. American cottage cheese is a whole different species...