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Sep 18, 2008 07:53 AM

Best Cinnamon Buns (sans nuts) at the Fair, and 16 oz cones?

So, what is the gooeyest nut free cinnamon roll at the fair? Which stand will give it to me, baby?

Also, anyone had the mega giant waffle cone? Where is that to be found?

Finally, I want a heaping pile of nachos. With lotsa toppings. Where?

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  1. Old West Cinnamon Buns are my favorite -- they're freshly baked, and you can taste the butta. I prefer mine without icing, but their sour cream icing is tasty, and they heap it on (so maybe yes on the gooey). I think these are hands down the best cinnamon buns at the fair -- I believe you pay extra for nuts, so no nuts is not a prob. Old West is located in front of one of the shopping buildings, closest to where the forrestry/land bu area was.

    I've never done nachos per se, but we always get Tasty-Chips. Their freshly fried chips aren't greasy, but crisp and delish, and I like their cheese sauce, which you can get regular (bacon?, but I don't really taste the bacon) or spicy (jalapeno), and I add a light dusting of S&P, plus they have a few other options, tapatio, lemon juice, etc... It might not fit the bill exactly in the "lot's of toppings" department, but it's a good alternative, if you need one.

    Have a great time!

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    1. re: debra

      Thanks for being the only one who answered! I heard Old West were good. Are they the same place that's in Pismo Beach?

      1. re: Diana

        I think so, but I'm not 100%. If they're going to use that much butter (watch through the window, if you dare), you'd better be able to taste it -- and boy can you!

        I actually took your advice two weeks ago and swung by Donut Man on my way to the fair on opening day. The peach donut was fantastic (his peach season is over now -- as I found out the hard way, brought some friends back out on Sunday, the day after it ended -- arrrggh!). Maybe you made it out... but if you haven't, I'd recommend swinging by on your way, or after, to try a tiger tail or chocolate bar --the donut itself is yeasty and as delish as everyone on the board says. Not sure where you're coming from, but it's just off the 210, well worth it if you're in that neck of the woods.

    2. We were at the fair today. I didn't see those ice cream cones you're talking about, although they are mentioned in the booklet you are given when you enter. I was looking for them as we walked around because I'd read your post this morning before we drove out there. According to the booklet they pile 2 pints of gelato in the cone. Honestly, that sounds awful to me. I didn't see nachos either, though we saw a couple stands for Tasti-Chips. We decided against the Tasti-Chips because the serving was enough for a whole family. I took some of Debra's recommendations today. We had pulled pork sandwiches at the Carolina BBQ place on Pepper Street - very delicious. Though $24 for two pulled pork sandwiches and two bottles of water, ouch. We should've brought our own water like we've been doing for Dodgers games. We had deep fried artichokes at Jeanne's - not bad. I can't ever go to the fair without having Dr. Bob's so I had brown sugar pecan which was wonderful. They didn't have my favorite flavor which is the strawberry-sour cream-brown sugar at the main outlet in the barnyard area, though they had it in the little auxiliary stand in the wine hall. By the time we got over there it was down to the bottom and seeing as I'd already had one serving of ice cream, I didn't get any more. We also tried the deep fried apples at the place by the grandstand where you can get the churros in a bag. The deep fried apples were delightful. They weren't battered, just fried and doused in cinnamon sugar, served piping hot with whipped cream. Yum. The place right in the same area that does all the weird deep fried stuff (Charlie's?) has deep fried PopTarts in addition to the Spam and Twinkies and Oreos and frogs legs. There's something about a deep fried PopTart that sounds strangely alluring but we got the apples instead.

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      1. re: Debbie W

        I gotta say, deep fried pop tarts is intriguing. Since we loom at the beer tasting bar every year, we are always next to Dr Bob's, and I have never had any! Maybe this year!

        Yeah, 2 pints of gelato sounds really scary. the ads say it is enough for a family, but I bet the majority of cones are sold to single eaters.

        Maybe Tasti Chips.

        I am drawn to the thought of that cinnamon bun, though. Eek. Can't do that AND donut man!

        1. re: Debbie W

          i could do two pints of gelato on a cinnamon bun with fried apples topping. You girls are lightweights!

          1. re: jackattack

            Well, I am, this morning I weighed in at 95 lbs. I'm about five foot one half inch.

            But in AYCE places, I can put college boys to shame! (just not every day)

            Still 2 pints of ice cream just sounds bad for 1 person. Now a cinnamon bun topped with fired apples and maybe frosting sauce sounds very yummy!

            Hey, wehre do I get the fresh chocolate milk? The farmy animaly area?

            1. re: jackattack

              What I *could* do and what I *do* do are quite different, unfortunately. I had to limit myself to a kiddie scoop of Dr. Bob's (still probably at least 4 oz.) and not eat the entire bun of my pulled pork sandwich. But I totally scarfed the fried apples and fried artichoke hearts and was seriously considering one of those thick-skinned egg rolls at the "seafood and Thai" place except they didn't look too fresh. Ya gotta prioritize!