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Sep 18, 2008 07:45 AM

dinner in steeles/dufferin-bathurst area?

I have a complicated schedule today that basically forces me to find dinner around 6pm in the about area. i have to be in richmond hill for about 7:30 so don't have much time (but have to pick someone up at york university around 6 first hence the dinner location). we're not particular about cuisine at this point, and will eat anything - we really just need a fairly quick bite without veering too far off our route. i recall there was some discussion ages ago about a georgian restaurant in the area? but really, any suggestions will be most appreciated.

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  1. Chinese - Schewan Gourmet (on bathurst, 1 lights west of steels, on the East Side) or Cynthias, Bathust and Centre St (promenade Mall)

    Not sure of the Georgian restaurant, but you may be refereing to the Uzbeki place, which is 2 minutes from York. Tashkent, its called. Street is called Petrolia. I went there based on the review in the Toronto Star and found it to be excellent. The food is great and quick, and the staff was also great at explaining all the different dishes.

    Me Va Me at Bathurst and Steeles is also good for Shwarma, Kabebs and the like.

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      thanks jeff75! we ended up at tashkent. server was very nice, but the place at 6:30 was completely dead.

      we shared a plate of manti, i had a lamb souvlaki with rice and coleslaw, my partner had this beef/lamb stew served in this crisp bread bowl. we really liked the meat (the portions are very big), nice and tender. the stew requires a particular palate - you have to like cheaper, bonier cuts of meat (which we do, but i could see it not to everyone's liking). manti was good, but we're kind of obsessed about dumplings and currently hold tibet kitchen's both steamed and fried momos as the gold standard (well, maybe sharing the spot with my mother's veal pierogi). we disagreed about the bread bowl - i liked it, my partner would have preferred some kind of doughier flat bread.

      for me, the place was enjoyable due to its nostalgia factor. lots of glass all around, huge screen showing european disco hits from the 80s - took me back to my teenage years in poland! i would return to try some of the russian dishes. btw, they have lunch specials from 12-3.

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        I was there on a Saturday night a few weeks back. At 7:00, my table of 5 were the only people in the place until just before we were ready to leave, when another party of 5-6 came in. Not sure how they stay in business. Probably get a good lunch crowd I guess. I recall the soup (lagman) was really, really good.