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need a goose in St. Louis

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Anybody know where to get a good, naturally-raised goose in the St. Louis area? I checked eatwild.com, but it doesn't seem like anybody closer than Leesburg has a goose for sale. Help. I would really rather not buy from the grocery store or even Whole Foods for this product.

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  1. I'd suggest going to the farmers' markets around town and talking to people who are selling met and poultry and ask.

    1. Need a goose in St. Louis? Well, just back up, bend over, and...

      1. Haven't been in awhile, but Soulard used to carry live poultry

        1. Local Harvest on Morgan Ford has a sign up for free range geese

          1. Sassafras Valley Farms sells free-range, naturally raised geese: http://www.sassafrasvalleyfarm.com/
            They sell at Baumann's Fine Meats and Local Harvest Grocery in St. Louis, and online.