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Sep 18, 2008 07:33 AM

Quaint, quiet restaurant close to Franklin Street in Boston

I have a very old friend coming into town who I haven't seen in years. We have a lot of catching up to do. He is staying at The Langham hotel on Franklin Street. I'm meeting him downtown for dinner on Monday night and we were hoping to find a nice quaint restaurant to have dinner. We don't want to be rushed, want good food, and middle of the road prices. Any ideas?!?!?

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  1. Not much in the immediate neighborhood that fits. While it's not quaint, Sel de la Terre fits the rest of your requirements.

    Sel De La Terre
    255 State St, Boston, MA 02109

      1. re: Bob Dobalina

        I was just thinking the same thing. If you go on the early side the diningroom should be quiet enough to catch up with your friend. As the evening progresses, a little live music might be welcome. I haven't been back there in a while. Any recent experiences anyone can share? Thank you.

        1. re: FrankieSandals

          I go there every 1-2 months. (slight disclaimer: my BF plays jazz there once/month, which is one reason I go). All the veggie and fish items I've had have always been consistently excellent. In particular their house smoked salmon is heavenly, as are their mussels. I'm also partial to their warm goat cheese and beet salad, although I find their dressings a bit on the acidic side. I'm not sure what the OP considers "middle of the road" pricing, but Les Zyg certainly isn't cheap. Another option might be somewhere in the North End....

        2. re: Bob Dobalina

          And its sister restaurant Sorriso is kind of nice. Nothing down there qualifies as quaint tho. There's also Kingston Station and Good Life on Kingston St. for decent food and not too loud unless there's a super crazy after work gathering. Those prices are pretty reasonable.

          1. re: Joanie

            I actually quite enjoy Sorriso for a quiet meal. It has a nice atmosphere for light conversation and a glass of wine. Certainally quieter than Les. next door.

        3. There is always Locke Ober's, Jacob Wirth's and the Union Oyster House

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            While not exactly in the neighborhood, how about Marliave? It's a short cab ride away if you don't want to walk.

            1. re: edgewater

              The bar level at Marliave is a good choice. However, if you took a cab from the Langham to the Marliave, that would probably take longer than walking. It is a 5 minute walk.

              Locke Ober is expensive, Jacob Wirth's isn't really quaint and quiet, Union Oyster is no good.

              1. re: Alcachofa

                When crosel23 said "very old friend" I believe she was referring to knowing the person for a long time but thought that he might also be elderly which is why I mentioned the cab. It's more like a 10/12 minute walk but you are right, depending on the time in the evening it could take longer in a cab.

                Lucymax, unless Brandy Pete's has changed dramatically in the last two years I would definitely not recommend it based on comfort, noise, food and cleanliness.

                1. re: Alcachofa

                  Jacob's is the second oldest rest. in Boston.

                1. re: FrankieSandals

                  Jacob Wirth's is very old and historic -- and it LOOKS old. I think it qualifies as quaint but it's not that close to the hotel. Right near the Langham Hotel there is a nice solid restaurant I like for lunch, Brandy Pete's. It's not quite quaint, but it's got a nice menu with a large variety of things, a nice atmosphere (two levels, with the bar on the lower level) and waiter/waitress service. I like the food there quite a bit.
                  There are also one or two Japanese places nearby but I can't easily tell you how to get there (is one named Rick Shaw's?). There are a few restaurants on Broad Street which is near the hotel, including another Japanese place that is decent. You could walk down Broad Street and pick your restaurant that night.

                  1. re: Lucymax

                    Sakurabana is one of the Japanese places in that area.
                    Be careful of "Lobby" a new restaurant on Broad, heading toward the water that got savaged by pretty much every reviewer in Boston and on the boards...but it's still around so maybe they got their act together.

              2. Marliave, recently renovated is a short walk away and has been getting some good notices on this board, but I haven't been there since it re-opened and don't know about the pricing level.

                Kingston Station is also a strong possibilty.

                Also, I don't think i'ts open for dinner, but if it is, Bakey's on Broad Street would probably fit the description and I've always enjoyed it for non-rushed lunch with friends and solid food.

                Kingston Station
                25 Kingston Street, Boston, MA 02111

                Boston, MA, Boston, MA

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