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Sep 18, 2008 07:29 AM

New place to go to dinner in Bmore?

My girlfriends and I used to live in Baltimore and are meeting up there this weekend. Any suggestions for new, fun places to try for dinner? Open to different types of food... prefer not to leave the city.


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  1. Mezze in Fells Point is great for a group as the small plates are fun to share and there are many options to please most appetites. Also, down the street from Mezze (and by the same owners) is Meli. Unique atmosphere, reasonably priced small plates and entrees and wonderful desserts to share--or NOT.

    Tabrizi's is beautifully situated, overlooking the Inner Harbor. Mediterranean-type cuisine, with lots of choices of small plates and well-priced entrees--good for sharing. Added bonus is that they offer music and have outdoor dining which would be perfect for this coming weekend. FoiGras

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      i live right their in the Pierside apt building and have never been to Tabrizi's.... I hear mixed things about it. You enjoyed it?

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        Marc--yes! yes!. Definitely go to Tabrizi's. All local restaurants get mixed opinions. But, if you live close by, at least give it a try.

        The grilled eggplant with seasoned goat cheese is exquisite. The dinner salads of ahi tuna or duck with greens are also excellent. Bread with seasoned dipping olive oil--very yummy.

        Beautiful atmosphere and live music to boot. FoiGras

    2. If your wanting to stay near the city you should try Watertable. Its in the location that used to be known as "Windows". They have an excellent crab bisuqe. And they are supporting the local & in season movement. Also an excellent view of a sunset over the water at dinner time.

      1. The City Paper just named Woodberry Kitchen Best New Restaurant

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          Yes but their also #1 booked restaurant, and their more in the Clipper Mills/Hampden Area. So make a call today if you want to go there. You most likely wont get a reservation for this weekend.

        2. I can't believe that no one has mentioned Clementine or Hamilton Tavern!

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            Clementine and Hamilton Tavern weren't mentioned as "bluehawaii218" specified recommendations that were in the "city". As quoted "prefer not to leave the city." Harford Road/Hamilton are not condsidered Baltimore City. Quite a distance from downtown.

            I personnally am looking forward to dining in the Hamilton area--it's just a bit away from my Baltimore city location, but am willing to venture out on a weekend or early during the week. FoiGras

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              While Hamilton is not downtown, it most certainly is in Baltimore city.

              Harford Road is a long road. It starts in the city, goes through Baltimore County, and ends in Harford County.

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                Yes, Hamilton was definitely in the city last I checked. Hamilton Tavern is good but still has a limited menu. Clementine has the best crab soup in town, more beef broth based than tomato, with crunchy shoepeg corn. Shouldn't your handle be FoieGras?

                1. re: ko1

                  I agree that Hamilton is Baltimore City, but I got the impression that "bluehawaii218" was interested in dining in downtown Baltimore City. Usually when people come to Baltimore from out of town, they generally are myopic and only consider the Inner Harbor, Fells Point, Federal Hill areas, and/or Canton.

                  As far as my handle of "FoiGras"--I didn't intentionally misspell the word. I was in a hurry signing up to belong to the Chowhound group and didn't edit my typing before posting my application. I realized the error before I could make the correction. I'm bemused that you are the first one to make a comment on the faux pas. FoiGras

            2. One that always slips below the radar is Pierpoints on Aliceanna Street in Fells Point
              I always enjoy my meals might be another subject,,,but good food yes

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                For anyone trying to google it, it's Pierpoint with no "s" on the end.

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                  Woodberry Kitchen is not so crowded now, whether because the buzz has passed or the economy. I called yesterday lunchtime for a reservation that evening, and they told me there was room at any time; that would not have happened 6 months ago. Standouts were a "fruit plate" of local heirloom tomatoes with farmers' cheese, roasted eggplant with pine nuts and ground lamb (both small plates) and an aromatic cantaloupe sorbet flavored with muscat wine.
                  They make very good use of local produce.