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Sep 18, 2008 05:57 AM

Budweiser "American Ale?"

Has anyone tried this stuff? How is it for a mass-produced beer? What kind of distribution has this had? I have yet to see this in the DC area.

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  1. The "official" release date for the beer wasn't until this week for the draught version and the bottles aren't out until 9/29.

    Lots of comments about the beer on the various beer websites and blogs, since A-B did a lot of pre-release promotion (sending samples to bloggers, giving samples to retailers, invites to tastings, YouTube videos , etc.).

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    1. re: JessKidden

      Cool. I'm looking for a decent tasting low carbination, low hop ale that's cheaper than Bass or Red Hook. Although, it seems some of the chain "craft" beers aren't really inexpensive.

      1. re: monkeyrotica

        Well, beer pricing varies from state to state, but most reports have A-B pricing the BAA in the "super-premium" / "lower craft" area- around $7 a six-pack. I wouldn't expect it to be particularly low in carbonation, either.

        Years ago, the saying used to be "...there's no reason that the large US brewers can't brew good beer..." but now that there is a large number of independent breweries all over the country, I see no reason to "reward" A-B for finally catching on, after decades of intense competition that helped to destroy most of the post-Repeal local and regional breweries. Beer is quite cheap these days compared to a lot of other consumer items. I'll gladly pay 25-50ยข extra a bottle for a six-pack or a case from a real craft brewery.

        1. re: JessKidden

          I agree completely. But sometimes, I just want to get s**tfaced and not go broke or blind. I'm perfectly willing to try any cheap-ass craft beer that costs less than 60 cents per bottle, but so far haven't found one.

          1. re: monkeyrotica

            I s'pose there could be exceptions, but about $1/bottle is where I think I'm getting a good deal. I don't expect much less than that before you're drinking BMC.

            Here at least, 12-packs of Paulaner hefe and marzen are right around that price point for classic beers.

            Whether it's the hop shortage, fuel/grain prices, or they're paying for their mountain lodges, our local micros have generally headed N of that price point. I expect $7-ish/sixer for local micros.

            I tried a pre-release test batch of the Bud American Ale earlier in the summer. Thought it was alright but not distinctive enough for me to buy. I picked up an extra bottle with generic label that I keep thinking I'm going to put up on Ebay.

          2. re: JessKidden

            $6.99 a sixer here in Des Moines. A dollar more than Sierra Nevada Pale, or Point Cascade, or many other better choices.
            I tried it tonight. I didn't like it. I don't dislike Bud Lager, I just dismiss it as something I wouldn't drink if I had a choice.
            I didn't like the ale. I think I'd rather drink the lager. Despite the fairly positive reviews on BA, I think it's sour, and lacks body, complexity, flavor, most everything I want from a beer. But, it does look nice. It just taste a little off.

            1. re: Bobfrmia

              I've tried it twice and found it solid.

              I'm surprised at the pricing in your area. Here, it's a couple bucks less than Sierra Nevada.

              1. re: Jim Dorsch

                I have to wonder whether the rising price of hops/fuel will adversely affect the craft brewers before the corporate brewers. I'd figure Bud et al would get volume discounts. The price rises would affect them less than Sierra Nevada and they could undercut the craft brewers.

                Or they could just price them the same and pocket the difference instead of sell a less expensive "craft" beer.

                Anyway, if Bud Ale is within a $1 a pack of a decent beer, I'll probably get the decent beer.

                1. re: monkeyrotica

                  I expect the large brewers can better control costs. But I don't think they're able to charge as much for specialty products because they don't have craft-beer cred. (same for import cred, as witness Anheuser World Select)

                  Certain major-brewer specialty products have been able to charge more, perhaps because they're dissociated from the parent company. Ex: Blue Moon, Leinenkugel's

                  1. re: Jim Dorsch

                    My inlaws are all Bud drinkers. Every party they throw, there's nothing but Bud longnecks. You want something weird and foreign like Sam Adams, you gotta bring it yourself. For a lot of people, Bud is their go-to beer. I think these people wouldn't even consider some craft beer UNLESS it had a Bud label on it. I wager the target market for American Ale aren't those who buy craft beer, but those Bud customers who are brand loyal. Bud wants to charge those people more for a similarly labeled product. They're not trying to lure beer snobs, they're trying to keep Bud drinkers from drinking anything but Bud products.

                2. re: Jim Dorsch

                  Maybe I'll give it another shot if I see it on tap somewhere. It really tasted kind of off to me. I can't imagine getting a bad bottle this early in the process, but I guess anything is possible.
                  Pricing in my area is hit and miss. Some of the good stuff is pretty cheap, and others are not.
                  While SN Pale and Cascade are 5.99, Dogfishhead 60 is 12.00.
                  The manager of my main beer store told me he gets good volume discounts if he buys the hell out of a couple of the brands, which he can do cause at that price, he sells a ton of it.

        2. Who cares about the cost? If it tastes like sh*t...I wouldn't spend a cent on it!!!!!

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          1. re: Horlachers

            The stuff is not that bad. I tried a few after it was released at the AB factory in STL while on a work trip. Not that I would search it out over other beers I prefer but I would choose it on a layover over the other swill offered at most airport bars.