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Sep 18, 2008 05:39 AM

Lobster at Malibu Seafood

I want to take my boyfriend to Malibu Seafood for lobster on his birthday. We will be camping within walking distance and I love the idea of eating lobster outside while watching the waves. I've seen people collecting their lobsters at the counter so I know they are available but I would love to know about your experiences with Malibu Seafood's lobster and would also love suggestions of what to order in addition. I already am a huge fan of the fish and chips, fish tacos and the sourdough bread. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I suggest you go to Neptune's Net further up, or drive down to Redondo and go to Quality Seafood instead.

    Heck, after our lobster at Redondo, you can walk into Naja's Place for one of the best beer selections in SoCal.

    1. The lobster was good - I last got it over a year ago, so I don't remember details. A friend and I got a large-ish one and shared it. They cooked it for us there, and served it with drawn butter. A picture of the lobster is attached. I always like the clam strips there as well - in fact, it's hard for me to order anything else! (The child's portion, served with fries, is often more than enough for me.)

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        Wow, Jacinthe, that looks fantastic. Thanks for the pic! Do you remember the price? Maybe we will try the clams, too! Thanks again.

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          I do know that it is at least 19 to 20$ per pound. so for two that might about to a good $60 or so without anything else.

      2. I like malibu seafood. I took my husband there for his b-day and we had a very nice time. we brought a cooler with champagne and beer. It's a simple place and offer the basics like fried seafood and steamed lobster. Sit outside on on the bench and watch the surf! I also like Neptune's Net b/c they have more on their menu but sometimes it's too much of a scene and there's too many people for me to have a nice relaxing time.