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Sep 18, 2008 05:27 AM

Sunday Lunch near Lincoln Center

My mom is meeting relatives for a Sunday lunch near Lincoln Center, she wants feedback on Levana and Darna

Any other recommendations are also welcome.

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  1. Darna is nice, morrocan food (menu is on line I think) but it's on 90th st, not that close to LC. Levana is more elegant, food can be iffy. For Israeli food there is Nargila grill on W 72nd and across the street Mike's Bistro which has the best of all these places. If you want Chinese/sushi, Estihana is on W 79th and B'way but it's cramped.

    1. Another place that usually is forgotten about is Cafe Classico on 57th St (btwn 5th & 6th). I've gone a couple of times and been satisfied-it's not fancy but the food is good. (It's meat.)

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        Classico is closed on Sundays. Great American Health Bar underneath Classico is open and is the closest Manhattan has to a kosher diner. But its hashgacha is not trusted by everyone, so your mother would need to see if it meets her standards.

      2. Levana is elegant, if kind of stuffy. The food was good the one time we went, but heavy.

        Mike's is my favorite restaurant, but I'm not sure if they are open for lunch.

        Estihana's food is mediocre, but for a sushi lunch, it's pretty good.

        I haven't been to Great American in years, but I remember the food as being good. They have salads, sandwiches, soup, smoothies and the like. The atmosphere leaves something to be desired and watch out for the waiters, as they can be rude.

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            While I'm sure it's excellent, it's not kosher.

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            I was in Great American for lunch on Monday. Lunch was in the ten to fifteen lunch,generally. The food was enjoyable. The portions were fine,nothing overly generous.

          3. Mike's Bistro Mike's Bistro Mike's Bistro. I can't say enough great things about this restaurant. Its delicious. Make sure she reviews the menu in advance because it can be expensive. But totally worth it.

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