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Sep 18, 2008 05:03 AM

Tenderloins in Lafayette Indiana

Where is the best place for a breaded tenderloin in Lafayette Indiana?

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    1. re: Mid Michigan Dining

      TX's breaded tenderloin is from a bag. The same thing is served in Indiana public schools for 1/3 of the price. The biscuits and gravy are ok at Triple XXX, avoid everything else.

    2. Not in Lafayette, but near. Fisher's Restaurant, a tiny little dive in Flora, has some of the best tenderloins around - both fried and grilled. They're a little thicker cut, not pounded out as most, but awesome breading (not too much) and flavor. Fishers also has the best filet mignon I've ever eaten at a restaurant and under $12 for the petite cut.

      Another good place for tenderloins is Top Notch in Brookston.

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      1. re: allirae65

        I agree about Fisher's. I'd also add that their cheeseburgers are great. Probably second only to another dive here in Indianapolis. They have a 6-oz one and a 13-oz one. I'm told they grind all ther beef on-site.

        I heard a rumor that Fisher was selling the place. If that's true, I hope the new owners don't change much.