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Maynard area eats?

Just moved to the boonies. Anyone have ideas for places to check out in Maynard, Concord, Acton, etc? I know about Christopher's clam chowder. Is 51 Main St. worth a try? Thanks!

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  1. Lots of posts on the new england board about this area.
    Be sure to check out Ericksons Dairy for ice cream on 117, they close for the season soon.

    Twin Seafood in Concord is very good for fresh fish and fried meals

      1. T.C. Lando's on 27 in Acton for great subs! This place is owned by the brothers that own Carl's in Waltham and the steak and cheese is great.

        The "Budster" (chicken fingers, bacon, bbq sauce and cheese) is also a favorite of mine albeit not exactly the healthiest thing you could eat! :)

        1. I'm not wild about 51 Main. I find the food to be just OK. I do like the newish Cast Iron Kitchen, they do comfort food. Had a very nice dinner there last weekend; roast chicken with cheesy mashed potatoes. Warm pre-dinner pistachios are a nice touch.

          1. Cast Iron Kitchen has gotten some good press. I haven't made it there yet.

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              We've been here maybe 4 or 5 times now, and think it's got some real winners. I especially like the appetisers and salads and like to make a meal of that. The burger is excellent, as are the vegetarian offerings. Great beer and wine, too.

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                Husband and i went to Cast Iron Kitchen last Saturday at 4:30.We both had the soup of the day a very delicious shrimp,corn curry chowder which was excellent! I was full and only got the pork taquitoes appettizer which was good . He ordered a special of seafood carbonnara which was excellent-about twelve muussels,three vetry large shrimp amd two huge sea scallops! We will go back. The service was excellent and the atmosphere was good! The prices were very fair-except for my appettizer but perhaps in line. One of the best restaurants in this area!

            2. I like the thai place in Maynard . . . it's uh, on the main drag, don't know the name, but I've stopped there 3x this year and it's consistently good pad thai. The coffeehouse that's down the street, and is moving somewhere nearby -- I only ever get plain old brewed coffee there, but it's good, and they're very friendly.

              1. My favorite restaurant in Maynard is a Korean place called Little Pusan. Just a few small tables, but the food is top-notch. Try the dolsot bi bim bap.

                Monsoon is pretty good for Indian, and the lunch buffet is varied and turns over quickly.

                Blue Coyote has decent burgers.

                A fun place to eat with decent food is the Airport Cafe in Stow. I like the lamb burger and gingerbread. Service is painfully slow, so don't go if you're in a hurry.

                1. I too just moved to Maynard and am still figuring this out. I second the Little Pusan recommendation and think that it's the best Korean I've ever had as well as the best restaurant in town. Sorrento's is decent for pizza and in both Concord and Acton.


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                    I've lived in the area for a couple of years and have been very hesitant to go to Little Pusan. Maybe it's because I'm not familiar with Korean food. I really want to get over my hesitation. What should I order and how should I order it? I'm not a veg. and I like spice. Thx

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                      Korean food is relatively "easy" compared to some other cuisines in my opinion. Don't be afraid!

                      I would try either the beef bulgogi (simple marinated tenderloin strips) or my favorite, beef dolsot bi bim bap. That's a heated cast iron bowl full of rice with shredded vegetables (carrotts, spinach, green onion) and beef, served with a sunny side up egg on top. You mix everything together at the table, and then squirt really delicious garlic chili sauce on top to add heat. Then as you eat, the rice that is touching the bottom of the hot bowl gets all crunchy and forms a crust...mmmmm.

                      You'll be served a variety of small appetizer like dishes - kim chee, black beans, fish cake, bean sprouts, steamed broccoli, etc. This will give you a chance to take small tastes of a variety of different items without having to jump into trying a big bowl of kim chee stew on your first outing.

                      Report back!! I really hope you enjoy it.

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                        Thanks EiW, I'll let you know. Your suggestions sound wonderful. Now I have to get the S.O. on board and a babysitter for the little one.

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                          All these places are child friendly; you will see kids at all of them.

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                            Oh yeah, Little Pusan is not a fancy place. Though depending on your little one it might be hard to find food there.

                  2. Been in Maynard since 2004. Thai place across from 51 Main is decent. Thai
                    place across from CVS is doubtful. Cast Iron looks overpriced to me - have not
                    eaten there yet. Philly steak place next to 51 Main is good and inexpensive.
                    China Ruby serves reliable suburban chinese. Oriental Garden buffet is hit-or-miss
                    depending on what they put out that day. Boston Bean has excellent coffee and
                    good sandwiches. There is good italian at the Acton place near Scupper Jack's.
                    Scupper Jack's is overpriced and food is just OK, very salty and salad bar has
                    not much to choose from. Tobiko (same plaza in Acton) has imaginative asian food.

                    So, why did you people move to Maynard?

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                      Tobiko has been gone for several months.

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                        Sorry sultanp, I have to disagree about China Ruby. Absolutely without a doubt the most awful Chinese "food" I've ever tried. I went with a large group (about 15) from work for our day-before-Thanksgiving Chinese feast tradition, and not one person enjoyed it. The next year we hauled ourselves all the way to Marlborough (we worked in Stow) for lunch.

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                          I said "suburban chinese" not "good chinese". It's not chinatown, or anything
                          like it. At least they don't serve it with white rolls and butter (like a place in Westford

                          Bummer about Tobiko.

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                            When you order takeout from the Ruby, they actually do put white rolls in the bag (no butter, though!). If you eat in, they make a mean mai tai.

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                              There is decent "suburban" Chinese in the area - China Taste in Marlborough, Cheng Du in Westborough, Hudson Super Buffet. All are worth driving away from China Ruby to get to for your basic Pu Pu platter, fried rice and hot and sour soup.