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Sep 18, 2008 04:41 AM

Maynard area eats?

Just moved to the boonies. Anyone have ideas for places to check out in Maynard, Concord, Acton, etc? I know about Christopher's clam chowder. Is 51 Main St. worth a try? Thanks!

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  1. Lots of posts on the new england board about this area.
    Be sure to check out Ericksons Dairy for ice cream on 117, they close for the season soon.

    Twin Seafood in Concord is very good for fresh fish and fried meals

      1. T.C. Lando's on 27 in Acton for great subs! This place is owned by the brothers that own Carl's in Waltham and the steak and cheese is great.

        The "Budster" (chicken fingers, bacon, bbq sauce and cheese) is also a favorite of mine albeit not exactly the healthiest thing you could eat! :)

        1. I'm not wild about 51 Main. I find the food to be just OK. I do like the newish Cast Iron Kitchen, they do comfort food. Had a very nice dinner there last weekend; roast chicken with cheesy mashed potatoes. Warm pre-dinner pistachios are a nice touch.

          1. Cast Iron Kitchen has gotten some good press. I haven't made it there yet.

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              We've been here maybe 4 or 5 times now, and think it's got some real winners. I especially like the appetisers and salads and like to make a meal of that. The burger is excellent, as are the vegetarian offerings. Great beer and wine, too.

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                Husband and i went to Cast Iron Kitchen last Saturday at 4:30.We both had the soup of the day a very delicious shrimp,corn curry chowder which was excellent! I was full and only got the pork taquitoes appettizer which was good . He ordered a special of seafood carbonnara which was excellent-about twelve muussels,three vetry large shrimp amd two huge sea scallops! We will go back. The service was excellent and the atmosphere was good! The prices were very fair-except for my appettizer but perhaps in line. One of the best restaurants in this area!