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Sep 15, 2008 10:35 AM

Making Egg McMuffins [Split from Chains board]

I actually make my own at home. I use whole wheat english muffins, a microwaved egg, and a slice of ham, but no cheese. That cuts down the fat, and adds some complex carbs. It takes two minutes (toasting the muffin takes the most time), and it keeps me from eating the hash browns at McD's. Before I learned I had diabetes, I used to love the Sausage McMufin, but my diet is pretty strict now.

I will admit to visiting BK occasionally, but I've changed from Whoppers to the Whopper Jr. And I get a salad with my meal instead of fries. No more spuds for this cowboy!

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    1. re: The Dairy Queen

      No, but thanks for the link. If I ever have scads of extra counter space and money to burn, I really might consider it. (Not a knock on you, TDQ, just an example of a gadget I don't really need.)

      I already have a four slice toaster and a special plastic microwave "double clamshell" egg cooker. The process is simple - slice two muffins, throw in the toaster. Then break two eggs into the clamshell, and microwave for 55 seconds. Pour a glass of milk. Take out two slices of ham (I found a variety that exactly fits the muffins) and grab my HP Chicken and Rib sauce. By this time, the eggs are done and the muffins are toasted. Put on some sauce, throw on the ham, take out the eggs, and flip them onto the ham. Put on the top of the muffin and - voila! - two Eggs McCanada in less than four minutes. Scarf one down with a glass of milk, and wrap the other in a paper towel, and enjoy it on the drive to work. Takes less time than spend standing in line (or worse, at the drive through) at my local McD's.

      The toaster cost me $25, and the clamshell was less than $3. I find the eggs and toasted muffin heat up the ham pretty quickly. In my tiny kitchen, there's not really space for a tool like this. But I will admit it looks like fun.

      1. re: KevinB

        I don't know if I could beat your 4-minute time. But I have a little single-egg poacher that goes right on the stovetop and comes to a boil almost immediately. I get that on the burner, pop the muffin in the toaster, get out some deli-sliced ham, and the egg is usually cooked by the time everything's ready to assemble. I'm pretty sure the time is less than it would take to go through a drive-through with much of a line at all. My version is low-fat, and I can spend the money I save on something else.

        1. re: KevinB

          Sounds like you have a good plan. We actually gave away our regular toaster and use the Egg McToaster as our only toaster, so we haven't added an appliance to our counter. I also like using my Egg McToaster to hard boil eggs, which was an unexpected benefit. Not that hard boiling (or poaching eggs) is so hard, but I do it often enough that it's nice to have a tool that will do exactly that with minimal supervision.