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Sep 18, 2008 03:53 AM

Graduation Dinner near Waltham

Looking for a restaurant within 1/2 hour of Waltham where we are staying. Would like a private room or area of a restaurant for about 25 people, preferably seafood or Italian. Help!!!

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  1. Le Chateau is one option. It's not elegant, just simple, family-style Italian. The place is a bit dated (there is a "gold room, etc.", but, if you are dealing with a large group, it will be able to accomodate. Located in Waltham center behind the library.

    Other options: The Naked Fish (just off of Rt. 128 in Waltham).
    I can come up with more if you are stumped.

    1. Well it's not seafood or Italian, but if you're willing to branch out a bit you could try Solea, the tapas place on Moody. They have a back room that they'll block off.

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        Solea is actually in the process of building a function room. It'll be adjacent to their dining room overlooking Moody Street.

      2. I must say that while it fits the private room requirement, I've had awful meals at Le Chateau. It's definitely pricey and I'm sure if it's still there, but Tuscan Grill on Moody St. was shockingly good and small enough that they might be able to accommodate you. When I graduated from Brandeis, we rented out Tree Top Thai, a tiny but great place right in Waltham. Good luck!

        1. There is a restaurant called Verona on Mt. Auburn and Rt 20 in Watertown Square that I like very much. It has a separate room, good (but casual) Italian food that is inexpensive and nice staff (except for Debbie, a very hostile waitress). It is just 3 miles from Moody Street.

          1. First chioce in Waltham is la Campania -

            or upstairs at Biagio