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Sep 18, 2008 03:45 AM

Old Man Pubs in London?

Hi can I get people's recs for old man pubs in London? Places with no music, comfortable furniture, old school.

I am going back to London after 9 years and just found out my all time favorite old man pub, the Black Horse in Marylebone, is now gone. So sad. Did anyone go there? That was my local pub, I went there every day the year I lived there.


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  1. What area?

    In SW1 I can recommend The Star Tavern in Belgrave Mews West (good food) or The Nag's Head in Kinnerton St. (dreadful food).

    These might help:

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      well I'll be staying near the great portland st tube station so...regent's park area. but i'll be gong all over so...anywhere really is ok.