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Looking for French restaraunt with prix fixe/ tasting menu!! (Pasadena area)

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Hi all,,,

My mom's birthday is coming up and I'm trying to find a French restaurant that offers a prix fixe/ tasting menu. She doesn't want to go too far and we live near Pasadena so location would preferable be near there (a bit further is ok but greater LA is too far).

Oh and she has been to Maison Akira many times so looking for something different. Price isn't an issue.

Grateful for any help!! Thanks!

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  1. Actually, if you call and arrange it ahead, most places will do a pre fixe or tasting menu. Especially if price isn't an issue and it's for a special occasion.

    Try Cafe Beaujolais in Eagle rock

    1. Bistro 45 in Pasadena looks like it has a Pre Fixe menu

      1. try Madeleines, a few blocks east of Lake on Green Street. they can probably set something up for you.

          1. While not French, 561 may be of interest: http://www.561restaurant.com/

            1. How about Bashan in Glendale? We were just there on Sunday and were very impressed with the Wine & Dine LA tasting menu. Our server said they do a chef's choice tasting menu year-round.

              Only caveat for you may be that the restaurant is not exactly French. On their website they describe themselves as "...incorporat[ing] classic French technique in all of our preparations infusing California, Mediterranean and Asian practices."

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                Agreed with Bashan--You'll have a wonderful time...the service is so warm and caring and the preparation is so fantastic, it can't be beat!

              2. There is a restaurant www.deliusrestaurant.com in long beach ( a bit far from you, but worth a try) that offers a 7 course pre-fix meal with quality, tasty & reasonable price. They change their menu often, you can see what is being served on their calender. You can get a great variety of food & you can have more without extra charge. Tell them about your special occasion, they just might be able to seat you next to the harpist.

                There is also a place in the west side, Portofino bistro. They got great tasting appetizer, steak & lighted cotton candy with a pre-fix menu. However, their service is awful unless you know someone there or if you dress like a million.