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Sep 18, 2008 12:01 AM

Sushi lunch spot in Larchmont vicinity?

We recently moved our office to the Larchmont area, and I'm looking for decent sushi options for lunch. Tried Sushi Hiroba on Vine once and was underwhelmed by food & environment...perhaps a bad day? Others in the office seem to like it...should I try again? Interested in current opinions on Sushi Hiroba - didn't find much on the board.

And does anyone have current opinions for Kiku on Larchmont? Seems to get mixed reviews and it hasn't really drawn me in yet as I walk by...

Not looking for extraordinary, just fresh and quality ingredients. Any suggestions within reasonable driving distance for a lunch hour would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Not sure if it was Kiku, but a few years back there was a "sushi" place just opening on Larchmont, giving out samples heavy on mayo and fake crab. Are you looking for traditional sushi or modern "kicky" rolls? Makes a difference.

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      Prefer traditional sushi. I'm not keen on fake crab or kicky rolls.

      I have a sense that there's not much around that area to suggest. But I'm just hoping there's something I'm missing! Anything LaBrea/Melrose or north towards Hollywood/Sunset? (though not much farther west than La time factor...)


    2. I would have imediately said Azami but those days are gone. We are all hurting for good Sushi in the area. Don't think any of the sushi in Larchmont is any good.

      1. there is katsuya on vine and sunset. and the sushi place on larchomnt and beverly. hope that helps.

        1. noshi sushi.

          4430 Beverly Blvd
          Los Angeles, CA 90004
          (323) 469-3458

          1. Shintaro Sushi on Highland and Franklin is not too far and is very good. They do an excellent seared albacore with crispy onion dish.