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Sep 17, 2008 10:25 PM

Nashville - Best Prepared Food/Fine Foods?

I am just moving to Nashville and I am trying to find out what the best place in nashville is to buy prepared foods-- Specifically prepared fish. I went to whole foods but their selection was quite limited and there was no fish. Any thoughts?

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  1. We moved away in 2000, and come back for only a week each Fall, but I remember that Harris-Teeter used to have a nice range of prepared items including seafood, especially at their big Brentwood store. It seems to me also that there was a good selection at one of the 12th South businesses last time I was in there, though I don't remember specifically fish. You might check out the fish market in the Farmer's Market (8th Ave. No.), too.

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      There's no fish at all at the Farmer's Market. As for prepared foods there, you can get lots of bread, cakes, and pies on Saturdays, one of the vendors (Howell's) has a wide variety of preserves, sauces, and pickles made from local vegetables, and several of the vendors carry a variety of home-smoked pork items, but I don't think that any of these are what emmuffin really has in mind. I would think that the groceries in Green Hills and points west, or in Franklin, would be the best bet.

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        So those Louisiana seafood guys aren't there any more? With the big live tanks and the weekly specials? Dang, see what happens when you take your eyes off the place for a few years...

    2. It's worth remembering that you're 500 miles from the nearest ocean, so the offerings here might not be quite what you're accustomed to if you're coming from the coasts.Try Kalamata's in Green Hills -- sometimes the special is fish, and all the takeout food is exceptionally good. Try Anatolia in Lions Head -- their grilled fish is great! Athens Family Restaurant on Franklin road has good, inexpensive Greek-style fish in lemon garlic and oregano.

      1. I really appreciate everyone's help! I am comming from New York you can imagine I am used to fresh fish everywhere!

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          If what you want is fresh fish, your best bet is K&S. They have a good-looking selection of a decent variety of fresh (and some live) fish and shellfish. I even got bluefish there a couple of weeks ago -- first time I've had that since I left NYC myself. And there is the place that used to be in the farmer's market, which is now somewhere in Franklin, I think. I can't remember the name or I would track them down for you.. Both of those places will clean and do other prep on their fish if you like. And you can find smoked fish at the markets, way overpriced, and sometimes even chubs at Goldie's and Noshville. But as for takeout fish meals, there's only fried fish: try East Side Fish for some nice sandwiches, or forget about it. Nashville is just not a fish-conscious place. Sadly.

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            Gulf Pride is the fish place that moved from Farmers Mkt to Franklin.

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              Whereabouts? Don't know that we'll actually have the time or the need to go there this trip, but it'd be nice to know.

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              thanks so much! this is all great info. i guess there is no balduccis, citerellas, zabars etc. type place with good prepared gourmet foods?

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                I think the name of the store in the West Gate Plaza that is Cameraman is referring to was the Corner Market...unfortunately they are out of business and sorely missed. Bread & Co. is mostly prepared salads and of course bread, as is Provence. Something Special had a fire that destroyed their kitchen and had some problems with insurance co., but they are open now. I think there were people in '05 that starved for the year they were closed. Yes, They are great and little pricey but, always have some prepared (cooked) fish....salmon, bass and shrimp. But you have to realize, you have moved to the center of the country no fresh fish here except catfish, bass, trout or farm raised. I am so glad Whole Foods came to town. We never had a place to go for certain kinds of fresh fish and it has made the other markets step it up.

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                  Something Special is a great recommendation!!! Exactly what I am looking for! THANK YOU ALL!!!

          2. I don't remember the name, but there is a spot at the 70/100 split by Warner Park where Tuesday Morning is that has some imressive prepaed food. Can anyone jump in with a name?

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              You're thinking of Bread & Co. For prepared food, I got no problem with Whole Foods, Bread & Co., and Provence. Something Special is great, and I noticed they were open again. Not sure what the story is there. I guess it's my job to find out.

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                I believe Something Special had a fire.

            2. nm1 is correct, one of your best bets is K & S World Market. They have two locations in Nashville, Nolensville Road & Charlotte Pike. They stock a lot of hard to find seafoods that are frozen. Frozen is not a bad option this far from the sea.