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Sep 17, 2008 10:18 PM

walking distance from dupont station.

I started classes at george brown and would like to expand my horizons in terms of luncheon venues.

I originally thought of walking down spadina, but on days w/hour lunches, might not work out.
I'm getting a metropass next month, so for now lets do something I could walk to

any suggestions?

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  1. Millions will disagree with me, but the venerable Vesta lunch at Dupont and Bathurst makes an OK burger, and good triple deckers - try the "Hollywood".

    1. For a bit of a nicer meal you could try Le Paradis on Bedford, just south of Dupont. They are open Tues-Fri for lunch.

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        There is a very good 'lunch place' right beside the NW subway entrance/exit called (The) Duponti....lots of choices if you like Indian food ...other choices as well but we take out their Indian Food and it's pretty good. They have good burgers at People's (on Dupont across from St. George St.) The Irish Pub whose name escapes me (same side of Dupont and close to People's) is also good and very lively esp. in the evening. Terrific pastry and coffee at Frangipane but quite pricey, also there is an excellent place for coffee (haven't had the food) on Dupont just east of the LCBO called?? (Too early in the a.m. for me) Good Luck and welcome to my part of town!

      2. Ezra's Pound!! Cozy cafe on Dupont, next to the LCBO, across from Frangipane. Great sandwiches and soup, fantastic coffee - was about to do a separate post on this place as it really is a bit of a hidden gem. Not sure if you're on a student budget - you should note that the place is a bit on the high end of pricing (but lots of things are freshly baked, organic, etc.). There's also Live, the raw food restaurant. I haven't been there in about a year or so but I enjoyed the meal I had there (though I was hungry afterwards).

        1. You could try Indian Rice Factory a little west of there.

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              Yep. At least, according to their web site. (It IS a little pricier than most Indian restaurants, though.)