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Sep 17, 2008 09:35 PM

Sowa Artist Guild Free Night First Fridays

Anyone ever been...Fun? In a good neighborhood, and where would be a good place for dinner afterwards? I love original art...Do many attend? It is 5-9.....Feedback? Oh and could I just call for a cab afterwards, and speaking of which, I am more of a cab type girl...if they are not hailable from the street, is is easy to get one if they are telephoned for? After dinner, can I ask my waiter to call me a cab? Anyone know?

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  1. I go to most of the First Fridays, and spend time in the galleries at 450 Harrison Ave. The artist studios in that building are open, at least some of them. There is a good vibe and a sophisticated crowd. Usually there is beer and wine avaiable, and some small snacks. The Sculptor's Gallery, also on Harrison is a favorite of mine. I've gotten to know some of the gallery owners and artists over the years. It's really a good time for most people. Rocca's is right there next to the Sculptor's Gallery and Gaslight is at the other end. You can safely walk the area and try Myer's and Chang's or head to Washington St to the Red Fez or the Union Bar & Grill. Any decent restaurant will make sure you get a cab. Go with friends and you'll feel more comfortable.