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Sep 17, 2008 08:27 PM

ISO: Fauchon Blend tea or equivalent

I know they have a store in NY, but is there a place to buy Fauchon teas in Montreal, or online in Canada? I was gifted a tin of their "Fauchon Blend" by a friend many years ago and fell in love with it, but never ever got the chance to have access to it again. Years later, during an otherwise boring layover in Munich, I scored some, for pretty euro may I add. But I don't feel ripped off, becuz it is such an incredible blend of black teas, lemon, orange, lavender, and vanilla. Impossibly non-tannic, deep and just enough additives (so that you can still taste the actual tea). Now that the tin is getting half empty, I am in panic. Has anyone ever come across something like it at any teahouse? Kusmi has similar blends, but not exactly it.

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  1. Around christmas time, Holt Renfrew carries a selection of Fauchon food products (among other imported brands like fortnum and mason)

    I know it's still a long time since then, but if ever you havent found any until then, you might want to check it out

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      Oh thank you very much. Since Christmas mall-craze starts around November, it is actually not too far :)

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. I just discovered that "La Vielle Europe" on St Laurent has started stocking Fauchon Teas. At the moment this is just loose leaf tea and not tea bags. It was great to see Fauchon on their shelves....

        1. They have it at Fouvrac on Laurier

          1. I bought some at Holt Renfrew, during Christmas holidays. Having just (relatively) recently moved to Montreal, I am surprised how popular tea is here! Didn't think frenchies drank much tea.

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              Neither did I, at first - but considering the two best tea stores I've ever been in are Mariage Freres in Paris, and Camelia Sinensis in Montreal, that should give you an idea...