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Sep 17, 2008 07:40 PM

Birthday In Buffalo

Please help me choose! I'm coming to visit my family for my birthday. There will be six of us and I'm looking for some good food and atmosphere. I'm trying to choose between The Left Bank, Bacchus, Hutch's and Shango.

I've never been to any of these. My family loves Chef's and used to love Just pasta. I am NOT a pasta fan but liked the atmosphere of Just Pasta. Any thoughts? Looking to be swayed towards one over the other. Good desserts a plus:)

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  1. Happy birthday! I grew up in Buffalo and visit quite often, so I remember meals at Chef's and Just Pasta and I'm familiar with your choices. I'd say that Hutch's is probably closest in atmosphere to Just Pasta, and I really enjoy the food. It is quite small and crowded, though, so a party of 6 may feel a bit cramped in the space. I also really enjoy Bacchus, which is a more comfortable space with great food, and if you're a fan of wine, it's a great choice. Also, the atmosphere on Chippewa is really fun now (and not in the way it used to be). Have fun!

    1. Go to and take your pick!
      I don't know that I personally would recommend any of your choices but that's what life is all about - different strokes! Of the ones listed, I'd go with Hutches. As far as deserts are concerned, the best of Buffalo is either Butterwood (My personal pick) or Sweet Tooth.
      I guess it depends on what cuisine you want. I'm kind of ho-hum on pasta - especially for a birthday.
      West Chippewa? People are getting shot on Chippewa! No thanks!

      1. I'd go to Hutch's. The food is really good, the neighborhood and space is nice, and they have a bunch of tables that could accommodate six people.