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Sep 17, 2008 07:34 PM

Brittany great authentic restuarants?

Thoughts, anyone - nothing with a star required; great food and adventuresome palate - and yes, we have a car and lots of October. Many thanks!

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  1. Even with a car, Brittany is awfully large, easily three hour drive from one end to the other. Care to be more specific about the location?

    Best restaurants in Brittany are Roellinger in Cancale, Abadie in Lorient, Carantec by Morlaix, Thorel in La Roche-Bernard, Hotel de la Plage in Sainte-Anne. Random creperies and seafood are often wonderful.

    1. Agree with Souphie on Roellinger, stay at the old family home not the fussy new place and eat at the fussy restaurant. Your room faces Mt. St. Michel and for breakfast as l did, you can go to town get wonderful oysters and shuck them in your private outside terrace. Another oyster bar in St Malo, three dozen each and two bottles of muscadet cost @ 60e last year. When you go from St Malo to Mt St Michel take the back road through Cancale rather than the autoroute, much slower but that is why you are there
      One of the best nights/days in my life.
      If you go to Pont Aven, restaurant called Le Taupiniere; while the langoustes were perfect, the true memory is of the owner and wife treating us like family, even letting me cook with him in his kitchen. That memory is one of the reasons l love France so much.
      Try to get to La Guerande for the salt, sounds trite, but arguably best salt in world, and seeing the process for me was fabulous, my new dog was named 'paludier' after the trip

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        I agree, La Taupiniere is one of our all time favorites and I would recommend a detour just to eat there. Make sure to book, dress is casual but best not to take too many boisterous kids.

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          Oh no, kids are long grown, but sent daughter there a year or two later, just back last year and still as great

      2. A superb place not often mentioned is Jean-Pierre Crouzil's restaurant in his small Hotel Ecrin in the village of Plancoet near St. Malo. I posted with photos on eGullet in Oct., 2006, in a thread dedicated to your subject.

        1. For a very informal, relatively inexpensive meal, try the Creperie St. Anne in Rennes on the square of the same name:

          Was just looking for a quick lunch but wow! Superb meal. Elevates crepes to a new level.