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Sep 17, 2008 07:16 PM

French Restaurant in Hollywood?

My girlfriend and I had a great meal at Cafe Marly on Melrose last year, but it seems to have turned into another restaurant whose phone seems to have been shut off. Not a good sign.

I'm looking for something fun, with good food and a good wine list, which would be good for an anniversary dinner. Nothing too expensive, as we're both underemployed right now, but I still want it to be special. Any ideas?

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  1. How about French Moroccan? Close to Hollywood if not quite in it.

    1. Taix in Echo Park isn't far, and is reasonably priced. Maybe more sedate than "fun". Unsure about the wine list.

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        "Fun" was probably the wrong word. Cafe Marly had interesting decor, but was sedate and a good date-type atmosphere. That's what I'm looking for.

      2. Pastis or Mimosa (I prefer the food at Pastis)
        There's Monsieur Marcel at the Farmer's Market.

        1. Cafe des Artistes, particularly on the patio, is a nice date place.

          Have a bottle of wine, some pate, the Alsatian tart, a meat course and mac n cheese. Share them all. It's a great meal.

          1. Citrus at Social Hollywood is exactly that. Social Hollywood is a club so that is the "fun" part I would say but Citrus is a completely separate section as part of an enormous building which I think is an old historic athletic club or something.

            Citrus is a well known restaurant group by Michele Richard who got his start here in LA about 20 years ago in WeHo. He then moved to Wash DC and got big there but is back in LA now with a very stylish yet very true French restaurant. Because of his bi-costal restaurants no he isn't the master in the kitchen at all times. But his staff is handling the place wonderfully. Classic French Bistro fare in an upscale style with Californian influences. The room is very classic with modern updates. Romantic yet young and trendy because of the club next door. All in all I would say it is an excellent pairing of a evening.

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              I don't consider Citrus "classic bistro" food by any stretch, plus it's INCREDIBLY expensive. Not the right place for two unemployed people. "Young and trendy"...when is the last time you went? Last time I went we were one of four tables in the place, and no one was under 30.

              1. re: lesleyb

                I had a frisee salad with poached egg and lardons. Braised Beef for entree and chocolate tart for dessert. I think that is French Bistro.

                Yes it is expensive so I apologize for the oversight on the cirsumstances. But the nightclub Social as well as neighboring Boulevard 3 that dilutes the corner doesn't have a sole OVER 30.

                The restaurant isn't packed these days but the food is good, the location is right for most people, and the decor is beautiful. I wouldn't let it get to you that it isn't full every night.