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Sep 17, 2008 06:50 PM

Best Margarita + best Mexican food (w/ vegetarian options)? Near(ish) Pasadena...

Looking for sit down dinner on Friday night with friends who want Mexican and margaritas. Been reading previous posts but am more confused than ever. Wildly diverging opinions. (Horrible! Great! Awful! Wonderful!) My head is spinning!

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  1. Our standby is Margarita's, on Rosemead between Colorado & Del Mar. They have a huge selection of margaritas (try the tamarind; it's like a Tamarindo, but with tequila, with a spicy-salted rim). Reliable fajitas, steak picado, etc. The made-to-order corn tortillas are worthwhile.

    1. just so you know,
      many mexican restaurants use lard in their bean and/or rice; this would make those dishes NOT vegetarian.
      be sure to ask because if they use lard, the vegetarian menu choices will be reduced/minimal.

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        Or, if you're like me, NEVER ask, because you don't want to end up with nothing but a mixed green salad for dinner.

      2. My vote would go to Rudy's in Monrovia who makes some seriously good margaritas...which at happy hour (Mon - Thur, 4-7) are only $2.50...and some really good food. There are plenty of meatless options, though I don't know if they use lard or not. Decent prices...a very good Mexican version of a rib-eye steak dinner is $13.20 and you can get an enchilada for around $3. Very popular on Friday nights during the festival season. On the corner of Myrtle and Colorado Bl.

        I've been searching in vain for a better margarita.

        1. thanks everybody! we ended up going to Mijares because a. they are in Pasadena and b. online menu stated that they did not use lard. the location on Washington had a different menu than what showed online but i asked and the waiter reiterated that no lard is used (in chips and beans) and would make me a vegetarian burrito. he was sweet and the burrito was very good! be warned though- the Washington location only has wine margaritas!

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            You have to try JOSELITOS!!! They have a TON of vegetarian options! Veggie fajitas, veggie tacos, the biggest Veggie burrito you've ever seen ( veggie Burrito Lito) and SO MANY other choices!!! This is a very Vegetarian friendly place, they even have veggie tortilla soup. They will replace anything you want with beans. The beans have NO lard!!!
            The Rice does have chicken stock so do double beans :)
            They are an excellent choice for veggies!!! I was VEGAN for a year and I still had many options!!!

          2. I know you have already eaten but I am going to say you HAVE to go to Margarita's. They have the best margaritas in town, even the original is amazing! They have the best spinach enchilada for vegetarian options as well as frijoles de la olla which wouldn't have lard. I also love their corn cake for dessert. If you go you should ask for Rolando as a server, it makes the experience even more phenomenal!