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Lookin' for LA's La Folie!

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My husband and I are in LOVE with La Folie in San Francisco. Since we're not planning on a trip up north anytime soon, we're wondering if any of you Chowhounds can point us towards a dining experience in Los Angeles we might equally enjoy.

Here's what we love about La Folie:

-- the creativity of the preparation (it's French food without any stuffiness -- it treats flavors and presentation like something that's supposed to be fun!)

-- the fact that they never skimp on their best ingredients (if it says there is lobster in the dish, there are LOTS of mouthwatering lobstertails. if you order foie gras, you'd better believe you're getting enough of a portion to share and taste over and over again)

-- the fun of choosing a prix-fixe "Discovery Menu"

-- the friendliness of the entire waitstaff (they treat even us youngpeople like we deserve to be pampered)

Thank you for your help!!

(Note: La Folie is $75/pp for the Discovery Menu, and we're not looking to spend much more than that)

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  1. Have you been to Sona, (West Hollywood on La Cienega) Bastide, (Melrose Pl. just off of La Cienega) Josie, (2424 Pico in Santa Monica) or Water Grill, (downtown LA at 544 S. Grand)? Any, or all of them, might fit your bill. I am not sure about your price point at Sona or Water Grill.

    1. We love LA FOLIE too(our fave in SF along with Danko)! Chef Roland Passot is brilliant. The cuisine in LA is not the same. La Cachette, Water Grill or Melisse(discovery menu 65-) for the same kind of talent, but a different presentation of food. Bastide is limited, Sona is inconsistant(half my friends like it and half my friends didn't care for it, including me)

      1. *sigh*

        Isn't it great. I wish we got to eat there more often.

        I don't know of a similiar place in LA. Of course, I don't know of a replacement for Chez Panisse or Zuni Cafe either.

        However, if you love their fois terrine you might try the terrific version at AOC. I have written about it in the past but oh, lordy, it is so good and a good terrine is hard to find.

        1. thanks for the recs!!! Water Grill looks like somewhere we would REALLY enjoy, but we're pretty seafooded out these days (just got back from our honeymoon in Kauai) and it's kind of far for us. it is definitely going on the backburner, though, for future reference!!

          Josie, Melisse, and AOC are on our ASAP list. Will report back, I promise!

          Thanks again!

          1. So has anyone found LA's La Folie?

            1. La Folie is one of SF's greatest treasures, which makes it one of the US's as well. Although we do have many wonderful dining options, there is NOTHING here that compares. Fortunately, it is a one hour flight...the same lenght of time that you might spend in traffic in LA getting to your destination, to fly to La Folie!! I have flown up to SF more times than we will admit to do just that! As my name suggests, I am a big big big fan of the foie at La Folie...and not exorbitantly priced for the experience!

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                Yeah we had a wonderful meal at La Folie and the foie gras was amazing and plentiful. We are doing Melisse for our Valentines dinner (although the night before as my wife works in find dining and thus on valentines night). I'm looking forward to our next trip to the bay.

              2. You may find Bistro K in South Pasadena comparable: innovative, generously portioned French cooking that sustains itself over the course of a long tasting menu. And lots of foie gras.

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                1. while probably not as polished as La Folie, I think Ortolan would be comparable...

                  1. Once spoiled by Chef Roland and his staff, it is hard to find such a remarkable dining experience that is not so pricey for quality and taste. I could not recommend something close to that experience in Los Angeles. La Folie is a perfect meal every time. If you find something that could compare in LA, please let me know!

                    1. I've always told people that the best French food I ever had wasn't in Paris, but here in California at La Folie, so I'm amazed to see all these raves about it since we've only been there once and that was 10 years ago! Sorry that I don't have any recommendations for something comparable here in L.A., haven't even tried to find French food at that level here.